Feel Good Friday: ‘UConn Fit Checks’ Instagram page spreads positivity 


A new Instagram account featuring stylish outfits has emerged as a way for University of Connecticut students to express their senses of style and spread positivity. 

The @uconnfitchecks page was created by Gavin Vitale, a first-semester digital media and design student. Students send “fit checks,” or pictures of their outfits, to the account to be posted. 

Vitale’s inspiration for the account came from other UConn-related Instagram pages that he believes contribute to a happier atmosphere at the university. 

“I was inspired by many of the other ‘uconn posts’ Instagram pages, like @uconn.sleepcam and @uconn_grass. Their posts never fail to make me smile and always boost my mood,” Vitale said via direct message on Instagram. “I realized there was nothing stopping me from creating an account and making others smile, too.” 

Vitale said he loves seeing and complimenting others’ creative outfits in real life, and he hopes his Instagram page allows for students to engage in this exchange of fashion inspiration and kindness on a larger scale. 

“Whenever I’m walking around campus, I love admiring everyone’s unique fashion sense and style. And anytime I get a chance to compliment someone on their outfit, it’s crazy to see how fast their face lights up. Essentially, I want to do the same thing with @uconnfitchecks,” Vitale said. “I’m hoping that with each new post, there’ll be more people hyping the outfits up in the comments, spreading good vibes and all around, just making people feel good!” 

The page has been well-received by UConn students, according to Vitale, who was surprised by the number of photos that have been sent in since his first post on Oct. 8. 

“So far the general reaction has exceeded anything I was really expecting, and it’s been amazing how many people have DMed the account pictures of their outfits,” Vitale said. “I can’t wait to hopefully see the account grow so that it can reach more people and spread more positivity.” 

Featured image from uconnfitchecks Instagram

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