DIY your way through Halloweekend

Photo by Đàng Thiện Thanh Tài/Pexels

Halloweekend 2021 has arrived quicker than any UConn student anticipated. With the abundance of campus activities planned, a fast and inexpensive costume is a great way to go. These easy DIY costumes allow students to enjoy the festivities in style.  

Although many students wish to stray away from basic costumes for Halloween, they are the easiest to create. A cat costume is a great idea for students who aren’t looking to buy anything new and want to reuse items from their closet! Black pants and a black shirt are the basis of the costume — items many students already have. Black eyeliner is the perfect way to add the extra detail of whiskers. And it isn’t necessary, but cat ears would finish the look off. Animal-themed costumes in general are low-effort and easy to recognize. If you have an animal print shirt, such as a cheetah or snake, you can switch it out for the black top you would wear for a cat costume.  

Group costumes are extremely difficult to create if you want specific details within your costumes. To simplify the task, stick to the colors of a well-known group. For example, rather than buying costumes to dress up as Mystery Inc. gang from “Scooby-Doo,” your group can wear clothes with the basic color scheme from the show.  Wearing purple, orange, white, green and brown will make your group’s costumes easily recognizable. Characters from other popular television shows are similarly easy to dress up as based on their color schemes, like “The Powerpuff Girls” and Cosmo and Wanda from “The Fairly OddParents.” 

Many new movies and television shows in 2021 have populated memes on social media that would make great niche costumes. This year, “Bo Burnham: Inside” evoked a huge reaction on social media. The popularity of the comedy special makes it a perfect costume if you want something more modern. In the song “How the World Works” from the special, Bo Burnham uses a sock puppet as he sings. A striped long sleeve shirt and a sock are the only important details you’ll need to replicate this costume! On the other hand, Bernie Sanders’ inauguration look takes a little bit more attention to detail, but a puffy jacket, pattern mittens and a reusable mask are the basis of the comfy look. Another television show, “Wandavision,” grew in popularity in mid-January, offering many looks that would be easy to duplicate. As Wanda and Vision jump throughout the decades, there are dozens of costumes that can be recreated. Or for an even more current idea, Joe or Love from “You” have some simple outfits that would make fun costumes.  

If none of these ideas stick out, you can try to simplify a complex costume with things from your closet. Either way, Halloweekend is about having fun, and you’ll have a lot of fun with or without an extravagant costume! 

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