Thirsty Thursday: Creepy cocktails for Halloween weekend

Pictured is a bloody mary drink next to what looks like a white pot or a white electronic device. Bloody Marys are a nice drink to have especially during the Halloween season because of the blood red color. The drink’s color also goes with the fall and Halloween “aesthetic”, with the orange-red ombré. (Photo Courtesy of Charlotte May)

With Halloween weekend just around the corner, UConn students are preparing to hit the bars and parties to drink all night — not that they need an excuse to do that. Whether you’re throwing a party, staying home and watching scary movies or pre-gaming before going to the bar, this list of spooky drinks should get you in the Halloween spirit. 

Let’s start off with pumpkin-based drinks. While you may already be tired of pumpkin drinks, since they are so popular in October, they’re still a perfectly acceptable option for Halloween weekend.  

One pumpkin drink to go with is a pumpkin spice vodka. Vodka is an incredibly versatile alcohol that mixes well with just about anything. If you’re not tired of pumpkin drinks yet, this drink is easy to make. There are actually many ways to make a pumpkin spice vodka, but a simple one is made by mixing a pumpkin spice latte with vodka. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, put the ingredients in a blender, add a few pieces of pumpkin pie and blend it all together. To finish, top the drink off with some whipped cream, and you have enough pumpkin spice vodka for you and your friends. 

One drink that we mustn’t overlook when talking about Halloween drinks is the Bloody Mary. While Bloody Marys are technically drunk year-round, the name makes them the perfect Halloween weekend drink. The drink, which is a mixture of vodka and tomato juice, is named after the urban legend of a ghost that appears when her name is said three times in front of a mirror. In terms of names, you’d be hard pressed to find a more appropriate drink to order at the bar on Halloween night. Just maybe don’t order more than two, to be safe. 

Strangely-colored drinks are always fun to drink on Halloween night. One option to go with is black vodka — that’s a real thing, apparently. In all transparency, this writer hasn’t tried black vodka, so its flavor can’t be vouched for, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, it merits a mention in this article. Perhaps a clear drink like Redbull can be mixed with it to make it more palatable. A spine-tingling garnish on top, such as a gummy eyeball, would be a good way to complete this drink.   

Another way to make your drinks extra spooky is by adding some dry ice. Simply take your favorite drink — preferably a brightly colored one — add dry ice, and smoke will start to emerge from your drink. Those looking to go above and beyond could also buy lab beakers and drink out of them to make it look like you’re drinking a mysterious lab potion.  

A few precautions should be taken when dealing with dry ice, however. Make sure the ice is bought less than a day before it will be used, since it evaporates in 24 hours. It is also important to not keep your dry ice in a freezer. It will melt into gas quickly and could possibly damage the freezer. The best place to keep dry ice in is a Styrofoam cooler. Also make sure to not touch it with bare hands. It can cause severe frostbite. Use gloves and tongs to be safe! 

These few drinks and tips should ensure a frightening and fun Halloween weekend. As always, be sure to drink responsibly: Getting kicked out of Ted’s is embarrassing enough without a silly costume on. 

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