In support of Students for Justice in Palestine

The UConn Students for Justice in Palestine held a rally last week to bring attention to injustices in Palestine. During this rally, the UConn Jewish Student Advocacy Organization, UConn Hillel, also help a demonstration nearby in direct opposition to the ideas behind UConn SJP. Photo courtesy of Students for Justice in Palestine

One week ago, the University of Connecticut organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, held their first rally of the academic year since the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers discussed the oppression and violence experienced by the Palestinian people, the connection of our university to such injustices and the role of community members in supporting Palestine’s fight for freedom.  

Palestine is being subject to an ethnic cleansing carried out by the Israeli state. On a regular basis, communities in Palestine are forcefully evicted from their homes and made refugees for the purpose of Israeli settlers, in a process of the expulsion of Palestinians from the country continuing since the early 20th century. The largest milestone in this violent process was the Nakba, or “catastrophe” in English, during which 750,000 Arabs were forcefully expelled from Palestine by the 1948 Israeli government. To this day, colonization, land-grabbing and expulsion are the norm for Palestinians. 

Israel-based human rights watch group B’tselem, or the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, finds that the military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank by Israel and the denial of human rights to Palestinians constitute apartheid. Palestinians, considered of distinct citizenship and ethnicity by the Israeli state, are consistently denied basic human rights under this state’s government and occupation.  

The materials handed out by UConn Hillel undermined messages of equality in Palestine by ignoring the issue of displacement of native Palestinians from the country. The group directly stated it supported both groups, but ignored the suffering of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli organizations in its pamphlets. Photo courtesy of Students for Justice in Palestine

We should be very clear in our support for groups advocating on behalf of the struggles, nationality and identity of anyone in the community at UConn. When Palestinian students demonstrate their grievances, we must take them seriously and learn how to support their efforts. Ultimately, this means holding the institution of UConn accountable for their ties to the military industrial complex, which manufactures bombs that are dropped on Palestinians, maintaining apartheid. But this is not the subject of our editorial today.  

We are obligated to engage with groups like Students for Justice in Palestine in a respectful, supportive way. Last Tuesday at the seal on Fairfield Way, the UConn SJP organized their protest of UConn administration’s complicity in the occupation and colonization of Palestine. At the same time and place, the Jewish Student Advocacy Organization UConn Hillel tabled and distributed materials markedly against the perspectives forwarded by SJP. While attendant Hillel members interviewed by The Daily Campus claimed they “did not wish to disrupt” the protest, their materials tell a different story.  

One sticker Hillel distributed reads “Peace and Prosperity For Israelis & Palestinians.” Such material ignores the ongoing ethnic cleansing, displacement and apartheid for the Palestinian people by the Israeli state, equivocating between oppressors and the oppressed. This rhetoric plays right into the strategy of maintaining the occupation and violent status quo in Palestine.  

Some of the reading material distributed by UConn Hillel compared UConn SJP’s requests for freedom to Hamas, an extremist group in occupied Palestine. Treating a population looking for freedom the same as treating a group of radical extremists is unfair, and the movements are not equivalent. Photo courtesy of Students for Justice in Palestine

However, as mentioned in a recent petition created by UConn SJP, the worst of Hillel’s materials equated the movement for Palestinian liberation to Hamas, the political body governing occupied Palestine. More importantly, the pamphlet reads “Islam Must Dominate” and “Kill Jews” in reference to the Palestinian political party.  

The distribution of these materials in counter-protest at an event which was not demonstrating support of Hamas but in support of the liberation of Palestine, and the cessation of UConn’s links to the occupation, is deeply problematic. The use of appeals to antisemitism in one Palestinian organization to dismiss the entire cause of SJP and their efforts is unfair and disrespectful. It is unfortunate to see UConn Hillel, an organization which has consistently opposed antisemitism on campus, distribute materials which forward other kinds of prejudice against Islam and Palestinian liberation.  

We need to support members of our community protesting because their lives, loved ones and identities are threatened and disrespected. Further, we need to understand that the events in Palestine constitute oppression, ethnic cleansing and apartheid for Palestinian people. We need to hear SJP’s perspective about UConn’s relationship to Israel’s crimes. Perhaps most importantly, we must be clear and outspoken about these positions even or perhaps especially when they are controversial. The lives and freedom of Palestinians at UConn and in Palestine depend on it.  


  1. It’s regrettable that this conflict where neither the Israeli’s nor Palestine is in the right take up so much air time. When their are current conflicts happening with much clearer perpetrators. Such as the genocide in Yemen, in which the US is directly supporting the evil doers, or the ON GOING air strikes in Afghanistan literally killing children, even though the US was supposed to have a cease fire and have pulled out. People focus so much time on this tribalistic Jew vs. Muslim conflict and forget that there are many more atrocities occurring which need to be acknowledged and need to be stopped.

    • Calling it a Jew vs. Muslim conflict shows that you didn’t even do the bare minimum to understand this conflict. The perpetrator is Zionism, which is not the same as Judaism, the former is a political ideology, the latter is a religion. Not all jewish people are zionists and not all zionists are jewish. Stop contributing to rhetoric that negatively affects both Jewish and Muslim people.

      • Do not bother SJW antisemite with the semantics, you fool nobody with these pathetic excuses. “Zionism” as is is an integral part of Judaism itself. Your relying on your prepackaged far-left talking points – that is itself made up by the radicals like the “Editorial bOaRd” is so dumb as its the mafucatured “zionism vs. judaism” disctinction. So pathetic really.

    • That’s because it is grossly one-sided and Antisemitic.

      How can someone “liberate” a country that has never existed?

      When most people say “Free Palestine”, it is simply code for “kill Jews and steal their homeland”.

      Israel, with the support of most diaspora Jews as well, has offered many times to give up part of its land to give the Arab Palestinians what they claim to want – an independent state. And every offer has been turned down outright, usually followed by an extreme increase in terrorist attacks against Israel. Why? Because the Arab Palestinians (or at least those making the decisions) do NOT want an independent state alongside Israel. They want to destroy Israel, and to kill or expel its Jewish population.

  2. Oh, please. The Nakba was a tragedy for Arabs living under the British Mandate, but they fought a war of attempted genocide (together with many regular armies of Arab countries) against their Jewish neighbors and to everyone’s amazement, the Jews won. Many millions of people across the world were displaced during the turbulent 1940s, but only the grandchildren and greatgrandchildren of Arabs who fled their war against the Jews magically retain their “refugee” status down through the generations instead of living as regular citizens in the lands where they and their parents were born. Even when living under Palestinian governments in Gaza and the West Bank just dozens of miles from the villages their grandparents or great grandparents fled long ago, they are still called “refugees”. The Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza were offered a state by Israeli PM Barak, but responded with the terror campaign known as the Intifada Al Aqsa. Israel withdrew from Gaza years ago, only to see it become a huge launching pad for terrorist and missile attacks. Even so, PM Olmert again offered them a state and his offer was rejected. After the failed experiment of full Palestinian self-rule in Gaza, can anyone really expect Israel to repeat the same thing the West Bank, from which major Israeli cities can be hit with simple mortar fire? Anyone who honestly wants to “end the occupation” must take on two challenges:1) get the Palestinians and their apologists to stop dreaming of ending Israel 2) get the Palestinians to make the Gazan experiment work as a plausible model for a future Palestinian state that would also incorporate parts of the West Bank. That means: they must stop their irrational wars against Israel.

  3. Very disappointed in The Daily Campus for running this with no nuanced look at the complexities of the conflict. You claim to “support members of our community protesting because their lives, loved ones and identities are threatened and disrespected,” but there is no mention of doing the same for Israeli or Jewish students peacefully protesting the calls for the dissolution of Israel. Also, a sticker advocating peace and prosperity for the civilians harmed by both sides of the conflict is just that — a sticker calling for the peace that both Israelis and Palestinians absolutely deserve, and should not be offensive or controversial.

    • Thank you for such a well-stated response. This op-ed is alarmingly and harmfully biased, especially since Daily Campus articles frequently ignore antisemitism. The article completely failed to consider the complexity of the conflict and why Hillel was actually present. The struggles of both Palestinian and Israeli/Jewish people are valid, AND Jews and Israelis are being blatantly ignored when they call out antisemitism.

    • cry me a river to the sea. What Hillel lackeys did during a Palestinian protest was disgusting and so is their racism. Me, me, me, us, us, us, Not, them, them, them, is getting old. No way in hell you can play victim when there has been a declaration of war on Palestinians and their allies voices on college campuses in the US, UK, Canada. Also, quit calling Palestinians “Arabs” and quit lying about Olmert and his “offer”. Who murdered Rabin and why? Was it a rabid illegal settler living on stolen land who was angry about Arafat and Rabin agreement? Your idiotic rant about Palestinians being called refugees shows how ignorant, hateful and subhuman you are. Palestinians shouldn’t be called refugees at all. they were there long before the Irgun, Stern Gang, Haganah, terrorists or Israel was. Einstein, Hannah Arendt, & 60 other prominent Jewish voices signed a letter to the New York Times in 1948 that described Begin & the Herut (now Likud) party as, ultranationalists who believed in Jewish supremacy. They said they bore the stamp of Fascism. They went to condemn the #DeirYassin massacre where the terrorists, fascists wiped out Palestine’ (far more than this) Deir Yassin community that had declared itself neutral during the war and a good relationship with the nearby Jewish community. After they were done throwing bodies into a mass grave, they grazed the village. Own the vile history and quit swallowing what the monsters in Hillel, ZOA, Canary, tell you. Quit talking about Palestinians like they aren’t right there. What happened to Never Again is Israel the exception to that too?

  4. It’s hard to determine where to begin in debunking this article because so little of what was asserted about Israel, or history in general, meshes with actual facts. In particular, “ongoing ethnic cleansing, displacement and apartheid for the Palestinian people by the Israeli state” simply doesn’t happen. No new Jewish communities have been created in the territories Israel recovered in 1967 in decades. Indeed, many unauthorized outposts of Jewish settlements have been removed by the Israeli State, while it turns a blind eye towards unauthorized Arab construction and settlements – something that was extensively documented by a watchdog organization just last month.
    None of the arguments advanced in this editorial are proven, nor is any attempt to prove them made. All assertions carry a burden of proof and the pro-Palestinian cause never takes that burden on because the facts contradict their arguments.
    However, one thing stated by the Board is true: the goals of Hamas indeed include the ethnic cleansing of Israel of its Jews. The sole distinction between SJP and Hamas is that Hamas wants to slaughter the Jews, whereas SJP simply wants them driven off or else thoroughly subjugated as a defeated minority in their indigenous land.
    In other words, SJP’s goal is to actually do to the Jews of Israel what it falsely claims is being done to the Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. I argue one cannot undo injustice with greater injustices.

    • You are self centered, racist and an outright liar There isn’t anything to debunk, quit trying to erase Palestinians lived trauma and experience. The Nakba is going on in plain site. The world is watching and can see how IDF war criminals & state sponsored terrorists aka illegal settlers in action and they are disgusted. Your lingo is genocidal. You are so racist, you are incapable of acknowledging the Nakba which is well documented. No, Jewish communities since 1967? Are you leaving out illegal settlements, separate roads,checkpoints for paranoid thieves and barbaric war criminals, the huge apartheid wall, all built on stolen Palestinian land? Very similar to Nuremberg laws but there’s not apartheid or ethnic cleansing. If you bothered to look at the definition of genocide it is what is being done. Not about the number of people there, it s about fascist war criminals and the mental, physical, environmental, economical torture they inflict. Displacement is also part of the definition which happens every fkng day. Home,school, business demolitions, destroying crops, bombing residential buildings, that leave hundreds homeless and/or dead. Digging up a historical Palestine cemetery to build a stupid religious theme park while breaking every commandment. Trying to evict Palestinians from their homes in E. Jerusalem, Jordan showed they had title to and gave to Palestinians. Nasty, ass backward settlers from Brooklyn, Russia, barging tagging Palestinian homes in Hebron, busting into their homes & dragging Palestinians out. Going to a playground where Palestinian children are playing to destroy the playground while IDF thugs stand guard. The are monsters and anyone who looks the other way or denies the brutal reality and evil are monsters too. Refusing the right of return to the 750,000 who fled leaving behind their homes, land, many that had been in their families for generations. Any of this sound familiar? How the hell did that happen 3 years after the Holocaust? South African bigots are converting to Judaism so they can move to apartheid Israel and repeat history by living on stolen land.
      On Hamas, they have changed their charter 3 times and pro apartheid losers stay stuck on 1988 charter. Their last charter was in 2017 and it specifically states they don’t have an issue with Jews. Their fight is with Zionism = settler colonialism.. They also said they accept 1967 borders. That should please you since you falsely declared the apartheid “Nation State” hasn’t built any illegal settlements on land they hijacked (like terrorists do) not recovered, it was never theirs. To conflate Hamas with Palestinians and SJP in the US reeks of desperation and is an ugly attempt to paint Palestinians as the terrorists and the Zionists whose war crimes they are the victims of as…the victims. This shit is getting old. The fascist Likud call is call for ethnic cleansing. “From the sea to Jordan, there will Only be Israel sovereignty” So is yours. “Judea (Yehuda?), Samaria and Gaza? You gave your ugly self away. Gaza & the WB are ;supposed to be connected. Amazing how brutal racists have no problem dehumanizing, and trying to erase the people they have terrorized for over 73 years and hid behind religion to justify their depravity. So much in common with bible thumping, Christian Zionists who declared whites were the superior race, God annointed their sorry behinds as the Master race. Called the indigenous people (holocaust, a large portion of their tribes were wiped out) savages, beasts, etc.,exactly what you are doing.. They aren’t fully protected on a reservation because the war criminals here like the ones in Israel, don’t honor agreements, not even the Geneva Convention both signed and immediately turned around to commit more war crimes. Israel is so arrogant, they have tried to cancel their signature on the Geneva Convention via military order

      Either way, trying to silence Palestinians and their allies voices on campuses by trying to demonize them, harass, threaten,while crying “Palestinians are trying to replace us” with a tiki torch in one hand and a Hillel leaflet in another that is racist as hell, needs to stop. Serious threat to our 1st amendment rights on behalf of a foreign “Nation State:. The author of the IHRA said that right wing Zionist org’ and Zionists are using the IHRA definition (which was Never meant to be campus hate speech or codified into law) to weaponize antisemitism. He also said he is a Zionist who can understand how Palestinians who have lived or survived the ongoing Nakba might see Zionists as harmful and/or a threat & trying to deny them the freedom to express what their lived experience hurts Jews and Palestinians. Also hurts our democracy. Sure the millions of $$ Hillel, Stand With Us, (disinfo asholes who prop up Israel & tell students loyalty to Israel is imperative- what does that sound like?) Lawfare, Simon Wiesenthal, etc, throw at students, colleges, etc., helps fuel your hate filled bullying and pathological need to outright lie and use it to challenge honest dialogue. You should get help, read authentic history, not Hillel; brand of bs, listen and THINK.

  5. SJP always make their assertions sound axiomatic but never attempt to prove them. Burden of proof is on the arguer. Publishing this without any good faith attempt to meet that standard is an act of anti-Semitic incitement. And criticizing another organization for trying to defuse the act of incitement only betrays intentional and bad faith behind the hateful, defamatory arguments made by SJP.

    • Is truth your enemy? They said nothing that was hateful or defamatory. However, what you said is hateful and defamatory. the ongoing Nakba, apartheid and ethnic cleansing is well documented and the world has seen it firsthand. Quit trying to silence Palestinian voices based on lies, faux outrage and weaponizing antisemitism which the author of IHRA definition warned was happening by right wing Zionist org.’s and students and sounded an alarm. This is McCarthyism. Quit with the hasbara.

      • You know what’s fucked up, is that this person made up a Jewish name to spread their lies and antisemitism.

  6. Your (presumably and hopefully unintentional) erasure in your recent editorial (November 9th) of Jews of color who were refugees from Arab lands between the late 1940s and for decades since – over 750,000 individuals from countries such as Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia – does a disservice to efforts to advance human rights on the basis of equality and universality. The human rights of Palestinians and the human rights of Jews are complementary, and they are mutually reinforcing. Both peoples have collective rights to self-determination, as reflected in international human rights law. Please take greater care to be inclusive of the diversity of refugee populations in the Middle East, including Jewish refugees who experienced persecution, expulsion, and displacement as Jews. Their experiences of discrimination and oppression deserve your equal attention, ethical engagement, empathy, and compassionate response. Social justice demands recognition for all who have experienced human rights violations in the Middle East and globally.

    • I agree with what you said, but I will also point out that Ashkenazi Jews, along with Sephardic Jews and Mizrachi Jews and Beta Israel Jews and any other Jewish subgroups are all indigenous to Israel, and have a right to return there, and to exercise self-determination, in Israel.

      That doesn’t preclude self-determination for Arab Palestinians, on some part of the land. But it means they have no right to ethnically cleanse Jews from the land of Israel, to replace Israel with yet another Arab state.

  7. This is my reply to the execrable miserable antisemites (SJW gnomes) writing their petty “editorial”:

  8. It would be difficult to find anything remotely accurate in this unintentionally-hilarious, Orwellian-rewriting of history masquerading as an anti-Israel editorial, but I will restrict myself to the following point:

    There has never been a nation called “Palestine”. In fact, the text of the original version of the Palestinian National Charter, formulated in 1964, a full three years before the “West Bank” fell under Israeli administration unequivocally forswears Palestinian claims to “any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Gaza.”

    Consequently, it is difficult to imagine a more authoritative source for exposing as bogus the Palestinian claim that the “West Bank” and Gaza comprise their “ancient homeland.”

  9. Whoever wrote this article. I am proud of you. These comments are overwhelmingly negative, reactive, and not factual. They are also throwing around powerful, charged words such as “anti-semite”, a word with immense gravity that should only be used when it actually applies, which it does not here. The fact of the matter is that the pamphlets distributed by the Hillel were gross, vulgar, and clearly meant to elicit a reaction. No one in their right mind would see a picture of a man wearing a keffiyeh, with a Quran in one hand and a dagger in the other, and not recognize the obvious islamophobia, and racism, embedded in it, not to mention the constant misspelling of words relating to Islam, which is simply childish. To claim that these pamphlets were intended to foster “meaningful and productive conversations” is blatantly dishonest; almost laughable.

    Do not delete this article. If every college in the U.S. had brave enough students to publish articles against Israeli-settlement, I can only imagine the influence it could have. Consider that just your one article already has a rebuttal to it published in Arutz Sheva, a national Israeli news website, in JNS, the Jewish News Syndicate, and Times of Israel. Often it seems like there is no point in protesting, because no change happens, as support of Israel seems like an inherent part of the American government, but your article shows the widespread influence that can actually happen, which hopefully, eventually, will be followed by change.

  10. Most here have addressed the historical revisionism; however, I wish to address this: “Hillel’s materials equated the movement for Palestinian liberation to Hamas, the political body governing occupied Palestine. More importantly, the pamphlet reads “Islam Must Dominate” and “Kill Jews” in reference to the Palestinian political party.

    The distribution of [Hillel’s] materials in counter-protest at an event which was not demonstrating support of Hamas but in support of the liberation of Palestine, and the cessation of UConn’s links to the occupation, is deeply problematic. The use of appeals to antisemitism in one Palestinian organization to dismiss the entire cause of SJP and their efforts is unfair and disrespectful. ” No, it is not disrespectful to address the truth–that both the PA (formerly the PLO, an umbrella for various groups, formed before the 67 war, so “occupation” means all of Israel, not merely the West Bank) and Hamas have charters calling for the elimination of Israel, the ethnic cleansing of all Jews, and are both propagators of vicious antisemitism as part of their daily control of schools, media and mosques. European funding for school textbooks was just massively slashed because Palestinian educational materials were revealed to be hate-filled screeds awash with antisemitism. Palestinian “liberation” is all about Jew-hatred, genocide and Arab Muslim supremacism.

  11. In 1948, there were 850,000 Jews living in the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East. Today, there are at most 3,000 left. However, The Editorial Board falsely claims “Palestine is being subject to an ethnic cleansing carried out by the Israeli state.” In 1948, there were 156,000 Palestinians living in Israel. Today there are 1.9 million.

    Where is the Editorial Board’s outcry at the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from the Arab world?

  12. Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, has said Jews have “no historical ties” to the Land of Israel. He also states that the “right of return,” which advocates flooding Israel with millions of Arabs, is a sacred and permanent right even if the Palestinians were to get their own state alongside Israel. He also says “in a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli – civilian or soldier – on our lands.”
    Where is the condemnation from the Editorial Board on the Palestinian leadership’s historical revisionism and calls for ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Jewish people and the annihilation of the only Jewish state in the world.

    • Abbas said that? Show where he said that. He has been in power this long because he serves the best interests of the apartheid :”Nation State” Not Palestinians, He is corrupt, old and yesterdays bad news. Palestinians want him out, Why do pro apartheid people always have to insert their warped revisionist history into Palestinian dialogue and history? It;s not all out YOU or the “Nation State” who denies them their right to self determination and return while allowing racists from South Africa who converted to Judaism, to repeat their history and live on stolen land.

  13. It is a curiosity that “helpless Palestinians” are able to build multi-billion dollar tunnels into Israel, and have launched hundreds of thousands of rockets without warning on civilian targets, and that in speaking of (counter-) bombing where people are warned in advance. This article, in fact, forgets a whole lot of things–seems to talk in vague generalities rather than factual specifics of a well-documented history.

    It is funny too, that the Koran itself speaks of the land of Israel, and nowhere mentions the Roman imperial revenge change of name from Judea to Palestine that took place centuries before the Prophet Mohammed’s birth. Was he then a Zionist?

    Judaism is completely based on the land of Israel, the ideal of a model nation–and today’s Judaism is clearly, from the Talmud, only in the form of a people and religion in temporary exile from their land. Religious “Non-Zionist” Jews are only so due to Israel not being a Jewish theocracy or waiting for the Messiah to recover the land–is that the article’s complaint? For the secular, it is because they wish to assimilate to avoid antisemitism and the daily difficulties of being a Jew, or they have chosen a political ideology over their religion.

    Anti-Zionism is well aware of this, for it not only dehumanizes millions of Israelis including half the Jews there who fled from final Arab nationalist persecution after centuries as Dimi (Jim Crow, Middle East style). It also follows all the classic anti-Semitic canards, right down to thinly veiled blood libels, Nazi hook-nosed caricatures, and “Zionists” controlling wealth, media, banks, etc. Antizionism is Antisemitism, period.

    • Amazing how arrogant, racists are when they (lame attempt) to rewrite history and who people they obviously know Nothing about…are. Multi-billion tunnels? Did they say that about the tunnels in Warsaw, Lodz? You know the war criminals running apartheid Israel control what goes in and out of Gaza. That’s why it is called an illegal Blockade. The war criminals are so vile that for awhile they were counting the calories of the food they let in so that Palestinians would get just enough to survive. In the same way bombing 2 million unarmed people and their infrastructure has a horrible impact on pregnant women, unborn children, children that are nursing, growing, developing, so did getting just enough food to survive.
      Speaking of, warning. Hamas is the one that typically does that. Israel has a history of Not doing that and when they do, Not giving civilians enough time. The ICC investigation into what the monsters did in 2014 makes that clear. So did what happened in May when the monsters bombed a residential building and media offices. Funny, how Hamas had no problem cooperating with ICC’ investigation and the war criminals cry like toddlers. “What about them?” Pick on somebody else” They’re bad and “your not mean to them, that means you’re an antisemite” ANTISEMITE! Everyone on the count of 3. ANTISEMITE “can’t hear you! on and on the same fkng HASBARA…

      You conflating Palestinians (and putting helpless in quotations to mock and erase their trauma) with Hamas shows how you embrace apartheid and the Nation State; fascism, which Einstein and Arendt wrote about in 1948 in the New York Times to warn of Begin and his Herut (now Likud) party that they described as ultranationalism and Jewish supremacy & had the stamp of Fascism & compared some of their actions as similar to the SS which they found horrifying. Were you ever told about this and what they said about what Irgun, Stern Gang, Haganah, Herut terrorists & fascists did to Palestinians in #DeirYassin? #Nakba73? .

      Also funny you talk about the Quran, which I highly doubt you read. Romans are in the Quran, so are the Abrahamic religions, the importance of co-existence because they are all blessed and have a place in Jerusalem, the one Zionists are trying to ethnically cleanse and turn into an ethno state in the middle of the ME.. They’re even digging up a historical Palestinian cemetery for an alleged fkng theme park. Depravity, not Judaism.. Lot of Jewish people said Israel and Judaism are 2 separate things and that Judaism is often perceived as nomadic and are a people who know how to co-exist, unlike the Zionists in Israel who embrace racism, dehumanization,oppression, and subjugating the people they are robbing blind while screaming, “terrorists”. . They also say pro apartheid Zionists use religion to justify their vile actions. The ;way you talk about Palestinians is the same ugly way the war criminals talked about the indigenous people and Africans they enslaved and loved to cite how they were the superior race God created, Manifest destiny & the Great awakening where God, Israel, America were all cited while an ongoing holocaust of the indigenous people and the people that had been stolen from their native countries grew thanks to them. Same people that applauded the Silent Holocaust of the Mayans in Guatemala, under Reagan, apartheid Israel took part in. They trained the war criminals in Guatemala on scorched earth tactics & sold them weapons. Nothing like calling your sadistic partner in crime, an ally.

      The apartheid “Nation State also sold the apartheid regime in South Africa weapons and sold them material for nuclear arms. They also had ADL spy on 12,000 of Us (including Pelosi and the head of the Armed Services Committee, Ron Dellums and a former IDF General son who taught at Berkeley) & 950 groups and gave the intel to the apartheid regime in South Africa. Israel’ amb. Lankin, condemned ANC” demand for “1 person, 1 vote”, said it would be political suicide for the white minority gov;t. ADL director Pertmuller said Mandela (who was in prison) was “totalitarian” “anti-democracy”, “anti-Israel”, anti-American” Totalitarian and anti-democracy describes Israel and South Africa’ apartheid regimes.

      There’s more I’m sure Hillel, etc., failed to mention during their ethnic cleansing crusade. Long story short, apartheid and ethnic cleansing aren’t based on Judaism. Israel, Pegasus, weapons, etc, are things I’m sure you know about. Any day you want to quit weaponizing antisemitism and vilifying Palestinians who have done Nothing to you would be great. Otherwise, your emotional IQ will stay at around 5 years old, like the fascist war criminals,, Bibi, Yair, Ayelet Shaked, Naftali Bennett, Tzipi Hotovely, Smoritch, Liberman, Gantz, etc., etc., , the ones with bombs, fighter jets, phosphorous gas (2009) tanks, naval ships, submarines, who illegally barge into Palestinian homes during the middle of the night, illegally detain, question (with no parent or lawyer there) torture, try in military court, illegally detain students, artists, activists, journalists,& have the audacity to say the 6 humanitarian org.;s who help Palestinians who have been subjected to their brutality, crimes against humanity and document what has happened as “terrorists”. They are the textbook of terrorists: Terrorizing civilians for political gain or power. Will add that under the 4th Geneva Convention they signed, it is illegal for the Occupier to move what they call citizens on to Occupied land.

  14. PS–Are liberties taken to define other groups other than the way they choose to define themselves, or is that “special treatment” also only reserved for Jews?

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