Dunkin in the Student Union is getting worse

Dunkin Donuts remodeled their Student Union storefront over winter break with a fresh new sign saying “UConn runs on Dunkin.” Now a lot of people have come to believe that Dunkin is slacking in their service because of many disappointing factors. (Photo courtesy of Eric Wang)

A portion of University of Connecticut students agree that the Dunkin’ Donuts in the Storrs Student Union seems to be worse quality this year than in past years.  

Emma Molloy, a fifth-semester Allied Health major, said in an in-person interview that Dunkin’s coffee quality is becoming inconsistent in terms of caffeine concentration.

“I notice that their cold brew has been keeping me up all night if I have it any time past three. It never used to do that,” Molloy said. “Also, I have the mobile order but I see people standing in line who don’t mobile order and I walk in and out, and they are still standing there. I think they need a better system.”  

Michelle Iraci, a first-semester PNB major, agreed that the lines were also longer this year than in past years.  

“I think Dunkin’ is getting very slow. Even at the beginning of the year they were pretty quick, but now the lines get incredibly long” Iraci said in an in-person interview.   

Jena Mastrorilli, a fifth-semester statistics major, also noted the inefficiency of the Dunkin’ in the Union in an in-person interview.   

“Every time I come to Dunkin Donuts there is always a line of people,” Mastrorilli said. “I always get my order, but they still have not maximized their efficiency.”  

Alyssa Perugini, a fifth-semester Finance major, does not eat at Dunkin’ as often because she doesn’t have the time to wait between classes. She also noticed the decrease in quality of their food.  

“I think that overall the quality of the food at Dunkin’ isn’t what it used to be,” Perugini said.  

In an in-person interview with Dunkin’ employee, Jake Cavallo, Jake said that there are several issues that may explain why people might think Dunkin is getting slower.  

“We get flooded with on-the-go orders. Also, our espresso machine can only make two drinks at a time so that gets us all backed up. We get lines because there are people coming on both sides ordering drinks. We are always hiring too.”  


  1. It started going down hill when they made their large cups smaller. So far every DD I’ve gone to has been horrendous. Ya stand at the counter waiting to be served while the younger employees stand around chit-chatting away. Forget about the drive thru. I went to the DD on Cedar St. in Newington, CT for a latte. Their machine was broken. 3 visits later it was STILL broken. I’ll go to Seven-11. Coffee is better and cheaper.

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