Get It Done in 2021: Finding the ideal study spot

Photo by Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

Having trouble finding motivation to study while at home? As much as it hurts to leave the coziness of your bed or couch to venture around campus, it is a necessary step in boosting work quality and productivity. As someone who finds it difficult to produce valuable work while in bed or at home, I have used my college years to seek out the best spots to study.  

Coming in at No. 1 is Starbucks. Although I am a devoted Starbucks barista, this choice is not a biased one. Starbucks creates an environment that is perfect for studying if you do not prefer complete silence. They shuffle soft-pop playlists, have plenty of tables available that allow for an organized setup of your study materials and always give you an excuse to sip on a coffee while studying. If you wish to branch out, there are most likely other cafes in your area with a similar vibe to Starbucks. For my fellow Huskies at the Storrs campus, try out Dog Lane Cafe, Fresh Fork Cafe or Spring Hill Cafe as study spots where you can study with a coffee and lunch.  

The next recommendation is weather-permitting, but studying outside while you can is arguably one of the best options for clearing your head. One might think that being outdoors can cause distractions, but fresh air is actually proven to decrease stress in college students and boost energy levels. If you go to school in New England, take advantage of the tables or benches set up outside until the cold forces you indoors. However, I suggest saving the outdoors for lighter tasks that do not have harsh deadlines, as this is a more relaxed and slow-paced environment to complete work in. 

Some students go through college without knowing that you can book a private study room at the library. This opportunity comes in handy during finals season when the regular sections of the library are packed and you need your own space with peace and quiet. You can shut the door, set up your materials without worrying about taking up space and work through the time slot you signed up for. You can study with friends in these rooms, but be aware that loud conversations are prohibited in these areas of the library.  

Lastly, your school bookstore. Most colleges have a Barnes & Noble on campus that provides tables and couches for students, making this a great spot to cozy up in the winter months. If any readers are shopaholics like me, be aware of the urge to impulse buy the newest sweatshirt on display.  

Hopefully with these places in mind, the idea of leaving the comfort of your home to do your work won’t sound so bad. But if I had to choose, I’d go with the spot that has the option of coffee…always.    

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