Life Roundtable: UConn bucket list

Screenshot of the 2021-2022 edition of “81 Things to Do Before You Graduate”

The University of Connecticut Senior Kick-Off Celebration at the beginning of November has adorned the class of 2022 with the t-shirts and buttons emblematic of their status on campus. Seventh- and eighth-semester students could sign up for a time to pick up their UConn senior shirt and button, sign the senior banner and vote for the Senior Scoop. Students could also pick up the 2021-2022 edition of “81 Things to Do Before You Graduate,” which inspires this roundtable. The Life section discusses what they personally would like to do or accomplish during their time as a Husky, whether it is on the official list or not. 

Hollie Lao, LE 

I remember picking up the 2018-2019 edition of “81 Things to Do Before You Graduate” as a freshman and actually crossing off a good amount within my first semester. From nabbing a pic with Jonathan on move-in day to waiting in line for First Night, there were a lot of things I ended up doing with my new friends from Buckley 3N that coincidentally helped me out with accomplishing the UConn bucket list. After my freshman year, I didn’t really refer to the list again, but maybe it’s time to revisit it now that I’m a senior. Of course, a pandemic kind of got in the way of some prime time to work towards those items, but what’s a bucket list without a challenge? 

Although I haven’t been sticking to the official list, I do have some internal bucket list items I would like to do before I graduate. My goals of either having my senior scoop flavor submission or senior scoop name submission make the final round may not be guaranteed, but I’m holding out for one of them. I already have a photo with the women’s basketball team, but I would like an updated one with this year’s team — I could even do a comparison with my photo from sophomore year. I’ve missed out on sunrise yoga and sledding on Horsebarn Hill, so those are coming up next semester, weather permitting. Then there are some nostalgic events I am looking forward to experiencing, such as the banquets for the respective organizations I am in — The Daily Campus, of course, but also the Undergraduate Student Government and Nutmeg Publishing. Those will be even more bittersweet as a senior. So some of the things I want to accomplish are mundane, but important to my time as a Husky all the same. 

Shanice Rhule, Campus Correspondent 

As a recent regional campus transfer, there was nothing more exciting than finally calling the Storrs campus my home for the next eight months. By living at Storrs, I could finally participate in all the campus activities I always see online. 

With the fall semester almost over, the winter season is slowly approaching. Although snow is only nice at first glance, it doesn’t mean I’m not eager to join in the winter events, like sledding on Horsebarn Hill. It’s been a while since I went down a snowy hill, and I’m waiting for the university’s first snow day. With how windy it’s been getting on campus, I am getting my hats and gloves ready for a freezing ride down that hill. And attending One Ton Sundae, a winter tradition at UConn during SUBOG’s Winter Weekend, sounds like a dream come true. There’s nothing I love more than eating chilly deserts in the cold. But eating a TON of free ice cream? Nothing sounds as good. 

Coincidentally, I’ve been only talking about things I want to do in the winter. But there’s one special thing I really wanted to do since move-in day. It’s actually not that special and is fairly common to see: roller skating! Now, I’m not that good with any type of wheels — I can barely even drive. But, there’s this glorious feeling when you’re gliding along the floor. It’s really the closest thing to flying. The thought of whirling around Fairfield Way is going to haunt me until I actually check it off my list. 

Gino Giansanti, ALE 

As a senior, I’ve been putting tremendous pressure on the 2021-22 school year to check off all the final boxes on my UConn bucket list. Some of them may be long shots and a little last minute, but I plan on finishing my college career the same way I began it: by procrastinating as long as possible and cramming at the last moment. 

As you can see, I share the same first name as another Husky who I admit is slightly more famous than myself (though I consider associate life editor of The Daily Campus equally as important as head coach of the UConn women’s basketball team). After four years of having my name misspelled at Starbucks simply because Geno Auriemma uses an “e” instead of an “i,” I figured it’s high time I meet the guy and get a picture with him. Granted he has much more important things to do as basketball season is already upon us, but Mr. Auriemma, if you’re reading this, help your name-twin check off this bucket list box! 

And of course there’s one thing I’d love to cross off my UConn bucket list, probably more than everything else on this list of 81 things combined, and that’s being a student when the UConn basketball team wins a national championship. Men’s team, women’s team, it doesn’t make a difference (or both, that would be really nice too), I just want to be able to scream my head off outside of Gampel Pavilion with the rest of the student body as we cheer on our fellow Huskies. 

I was in high school during the legendary Breanna Stewart-era of women’s college basketball, which included the 2014 NCAA Division I basketball dual championship win. I came to UConn with the hope that at least one of my four years in Storrs would include a national title. Call me an optimist, but I think this could be the year, since Storrs is after all, the basketball capital of the world. 

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