New massage center to open in Mansfield Center  

A picture featuring the Ledgebrook Massage Center, a new massage center opening in Mansfield Center. The massage center will have a wide variety of options for massages. Photo from Ledgebrook Massage Center website.

On Sunday, Dec. 19, a massage center specializing in oncology, sports, orthopedic and lymphatic massage will open in Mansfield Center. Ledgebrook Massage Center is owned by Aaron Shea and managed by Nicole Luckey.  

Though this is Shea and Luckey’s first time starting a business of their own, the two currently work at both Glastonbury Massage Center and Damato Chiropractic Center in Glastonbury. Luckey also works as a massage therapist at Windham Hospital in Willimantic.  

In 2018, Shea began working as a licensed massage therapist for UConn Athletics.  

“He did that for a few years and got a really good foundation in sports massage, so that’s his niche,” said Luckey in regard to Shea’s work, via phone.  

According to Luckey, Shea’s connection to UConn Athletics was one of the reasons the two chose Mansfield as the massage center’s location.  

“He really enjoyed [working for UConn Athletics],” Luckey said on behalf of Shea. “We’re hoping to get athletes down there because we know that UConn Athletics is hurting for a therapist right now.”  

Luckey anticipates that lymphatic drainage and orthopedic massages will be the most popular among UConn students.  

“80% of the people we see, it’s students or people that work at desks,” Luckey said. “It’s this very common pattern that we see and it’s the same massage we’ve given to almost everybody, especially during exams. So I think it’s definitely beneficial for students.”  

In terms of booking appointments, Luckey encourages potential clients to schedule ahead of time.  

“We’re expecting it’s going to take a while to fill up, but at Glastonbury [Massage Center], we’re both booked out two months ahead of time,” Luckey said. “So, please call ahead of time so that we can get everyone in that wants to get in, because we’re going to be dividing up our hours.”  

According to Luckey, appointments can be made via Ledgebrook Massage Center’s website, but she recommends calling the office directly instead at (860) 341-5910 so she can get to know new clients and discuss any required paperwork with them.  

“We really like to keep it simple,” Luckey said. “I know it sounds cliche and like we’re supposed to say it, but we’re really, really excited to give back to the community. That’s what this whole thing is about. And we’re excited to do it in the place that we have roots in … We want to be part of the community and network with people.”  

Ledgebrook Massage Center is also offering a 15% discount for the first session to anyone who books an appointment online or via phone before the center’s grand opening on Dec. 19. 


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