Students Weigh In: Gampel Pavilion vs. XL Center 

UConn students were asked which they prefer: Gampel Pavilion in Storrs or the XL Center in Hartford. Most agree that Gampel is better for convenience but understand why the XL Center would be better for bigger games. Photo courtesy of file photos

When asked which they prefer, University of Connecticut students would rather have athletic events held at Gampel Pavilion in Storrs rather than the Hartford XL Center, citing ease of accessibility as a main factor.  

Julia Russo, a fifth-semester UConn student, said that she prefers Gampel because “It’s closer and easier to get to.”  

“You don’t have to go through the hassle of getting a ticket for the bus and going on the bus,” Russo said. “But I also see why UConn uses the XL Center just for bigger games. I would prefer Gampel as a student.” 

Ashley Janusonis, a fifth-semester chemistry major, agreed that Gampel is more accessible.  

“Gampel is more convenient just because it is on campus,” Janusonis said.  

Frank Romeo, a fifth-semester finance major, noted another benefit to having an on-campus stadium. 

 “A lot more students are willing to go to Gampel than the XL Center to watch games,” Romeo said.  

Emily Zarilli, a seventh-semester allied health sciences major, shared other factors that explain why Gampel is better than the XL Center.  

“Gampel is unbeatable. The students, traditions, chants and energy brought to game day just doesn’t compare to the XL center on game day,” Zarilli said in a phone interview.  

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