Get It Done in 2021: Pushing through finals week

Photo by Ylanite Koppens/Pexels

There is high pressure on college students as most universities have transitioned back to in-person finals this semester. Avoiding burnout during the next two weeks is crucial to maintain your work ethic and well-being. Although it might seem impossible to finish strong this semester, there are plenty of productive habits you can practice to push you through this final stretch.  

Make sure you are eating and drinking properly. It is easy to forget about drinking enough water or eating three meals a day when you are cramming for exams, and that is understandable. Pack protein-packed small snacks like yogurt cups, cheese sticks or granola bars to get you through the day. And make sure to bring a reusable water bottle with you to your study spot!  

Limit yourself to one assignment at a time. Focusing on multiple tasks can be counterproductive because of disorganization with your laptop and notes. If you have a planner, write down a list of the tasks you have to complete and go through them one at a time. You can avoid wasting time and relieve the stress of dealing with multiple course loads at once.  

Pay attention to deadlines. Some final assignments are given weeks before they are actually due and can often be forgotten about until the last minute. Here’s some advice from a college senior: do not procrastinate! There is a reason that professors hand out final assignments far in advance, and it is because they want to give you the time to perfect your work instead of rushing during finals week. 

Take breaks! It is unnatural to do work for hours at a time without taking a break from looking at your laptop. There are several productivity techniques that can be found online that use a timer to set aside breaks. I recommend doing some heavy work for about one hour and then taking a 15-20 minute break to either stretch, have a snack or scroll on your phone. It is essential to treat yourself to study breaks to prevent burnout or exhaustion.  

Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Having the majority of classes and exams online for the last year has not been easy. It won’t hurt to request an extension from a professor or to ask for help from a peer to keep yourself on track. Look at the bright side: In just a few weeks these courses will all be in the past and you can be proud of yourself for making it through!  

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