‘Cheer’ Season 2: A realistic portrayal of the effects of COVID-19 on college students 

After two years of waiting, the Netflix documentary series “Cheer” has released its second season. The show follows a cheer team and the harsh situations that competitive cheerleaders face both in and outside of the sport. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

The hit Netflix series “Cheer” finally released a second season almost two years later that delivers all the drama and excitement fans had hoped for. Unfortunately, the show’s production came to a halt midway through the season due to COVID-19 after the NCA College National Championship was canceled and students were sent home. The second half of the season picks up by focusing on the 2021 National Championship and the new reality of how COVID-19 continues to affect athletes, coaches and students. 

The lead competitors the series follows are the Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College cheer teams, both based in Texas. The pandemic-driven frustration of the cheerleaders on both teams is extremely relatable to college students today. Although the athletes in “Cheer” appear to be celebrities, they once lived the typical college life that all students across the country did. Late-night dorm hangouts, studying or getting meals on campus together and being able to bond with new people are experiences that were taken away from every student because of the pandemic, even the cast of “Cheer.”  

It is specifically interesting to watch how a collegiate sports team’s performance can be affected by the lack of bonding outside of practice. The strict guidelines placed by most college campuses this past year, including Navarro and Trinity Valley, allow viewers to see how both colleges struggle to perform at their best. The constant COVID-19 tests, wearing a mask at practice and the anxiety of teammates and coaches testing positive clearly prevents a team from working together and producing their best performance.  

The authenticity of this season of “Cheer” only adds to the excitement and adrenaline viewers already get from watching it. Audiences will find themselves rooting for the success of these students from behind their television screens and will never become bored while watching. The series takes a deep look into the world of competitive cheerleading, a lightly covered sport that deserves to be seen. This series is binge-worthy for sure!  

“Cheer” season 2 is available to stream on Netflix. 

Rating: 5/5 

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