Is Daniel Jones the Giants’ QB of the future?


By: Evan Rodriguez & Stratton Stave

Just three short years ago in the 2019 NFL draft, the New York Giants had the sixth pick  and used it to pick quarterback Daniel Jones out of Duke University. The Senior Bowl MVP had been projected to be drafted late in the first round, and some even rated him as a second round pick. The Giants saw Jones as a risk for going off the board in between the sixth and 17th pick (the Giants’ next selection), so they took him. Aside from the Giants being a dumpster fire of an organization and gutting their coaching staff this season after a 12-25 record since Jones has been the starter, the question still remains: Do the G-men still give Jones another chance under center, or is it time to move on? Stratton Stave and Evan Rodriguez debate this in this week’s Point/Counterpoint.  

Stratton: Since Daniel Jones has been a starter for the Giants, things have not gone well at all. Their record has been abysmal; they haven’t won more than six games in any of Jones’ three seasons. Aside from the wins and losses, statistically, Jones has been pretty abysmal. PFF has Jones as the No. 26 quarterback this year, as a part of an offense that was 31st in the league in points scored. In his career, Jones’s completion percentage has floated around the low 60s, which is nothing special, but also is not terrible. One thing critical to mention is the fact that his supporting cast has been so awful. The Giants receiving corps had so many injured players this year, with Sterling Shepard out for much of the season, and both Kenny Golliday and Darius Slayton missing time and playing inconsistently. Not to mention Kadarius Toney, who had one good game in week five with 189 yards, punched his opponent and proceeded to catch the ball a total of 16 more times during the season. Though as bruised and battered they were this season, they have been fine in seasons past, which doesn’t excuse Jones’ unimpressive play this far into his career. 

Evan: When you’re talking about Daniel Jones, you have to give him some type of sympathy. Part of Jones’ struggles has to fall on former Giants general manager Dave Gettleman. Gettleman’s failure to surround the former Duke quarterback with talent that can stay on the field has played a huge part in Jones being unable to truly live up to expectations and be the valued successor to  Giants legend Eli Manning. If you get rid of Gettleman and get a new face in the front office with Joe Schoen, the former assistant general manager of a current contender in the Buffalo Bills, there’s certainly promise that he can give Jones the proper weapons to have a great opportunity to succeed in New York. With the Giants slated for another down year unless Schoen immediately makes several blockbuster moves, which seems very unlikely, there’s no reason to not give Jones at least one more year to see how he does under a new general manager and a new head coach with another former Bills talent in Brian Daboll.  

Stratton: That’s completely fair, and there is a deep need for sympathy towards Jones. But the fact of the matter is that both sides need a fresh start. Jones is still a young 24 years old and has time to make it work with another franchise, but there is no need to keep him here for another few years of disappointment, as his stock as an ex-Giant will continue to diminish. At this point, why not trade for a guy like Russell Wilson, who is a proven guy who can win and let Jones get a new start somewhere with more support? Although Wilson is getting older at 33 years old, he could be a nice transitional piece for the Giants. Wilson will continue his solid production, and the Giants can draft a new quarterback a few years from now after building a better team learning from the veteran Wilson as he retires. When talking about Jones, it’s just not fair to waste his prime years more than they have already wasted his first few. A fresh start is needed. 

Evan: The thing is that this would be the correct move, if Dave Gettleman was still the general manager of the team. Yet he is not, and if Schoen is able to grab a few solid trades to the Giants, there’s no reason for Danny Dimes not to get one more crack at a productive season with the team. Also, New York going for a quarterback such as Russell Wilson doesn’t make much sense considering how much they would be giving up. While I don’t disagree with possibly getting a veteran caliber starter till the Giants find their next valued starter, it doesn’t make much sense for getting someone like Wilson, especially with his injury history. Realistically, if I’m Schoen, Jones shouldn’t be potentially dealt until at least next year. Who knows if Daboll can grab some solid production out of Jones and turn him into a capable starting quarterback for New York. If you deal Jones now, you lose out on that potential. The Giants won’t exactly be turning any heads next year in what looks like another rebuild year for the franchise. I’m all in favor of what Jones could possibly bring under Schoen.  

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