Author Review: Explaining the hype around Colleen Hoover


According to “BookTok,” a TikTok community of readers who give book reviews and recommendations, Colleen Hoover is currently the most exciting young adult fiction novelist. Being a BookTok enthusiast, I knew I had to check her out. After reading two of Hoover’s bestselling novels, “It Ends with Us” and “Verity,” I was immediately hooked on her writing style and finished each book in less than one week.  

Several of Hoover’s romance novels have helped to secure her title as a New York Times bestselling author. But what about her novels separates them from the hundreds of other romance novels out there? It is clear after reading Hoover’s work that her modern twists on storylines draw readers in for an authentic and raw experience.   

“It Ends with Us” is a heartbreaking romance that has arguably generated the most social media buzz of Hoover’s novels. Although it seems impossible to cover mental health issues, domestic violence, a steamy romance and intense heartbreak in one novel, Colleen Hoover pulled it off successfully. The ending will leave you in a puddle of tears wishing for more chapters to discover the fates of the characters. It is rumored to become a movie in the near future so fingers crossed for all the fans!   

If suspense novels are your genre preference over whirlwind romance novels it’s time to put “Verity” on your reading list. This book is categorized as a romantic psychological thriller, which needs to become a more common genre. The combination of lust and chilling tragedy between the protagonist and her love interest work to create a true page-turner. The plot twist in this mystery made me question my sanity for about a day after I finished reading it and many other fans say the same.  

Hoover has the unique ability to create both deeply lovable and hate-able characters. This resonates with avid young adult fiction readers, who want to become invested in a novel’s characters the same way people are invested in those of a favorite television show. Having a connection with characters’ storylines gives readers something to buzz about whether it be in person or on social media.  

If you prefers to read novels with happy endings, I will warn you that Colleen Hoover does not usually give readers closure or satisfaction, often leaving readers to process the endings themselves and decide whether they are happy, frustrated, heartbroken or all of the above. So what are you waiting for? Go see what all the hype is about for yourself!  

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