I found the cutest “Galentine’s” party recipes so you don’t have to  

strawberry cream cheese cookies recipe from above
Strawberry cheesecake cookies. Photo courtesy of Chenée Today.

Whether you’re single or taken, “Galentine’s Day” is a holiday you should celebrate no matter what. Usually celebrated a few days before Valentine’s Day, “Galentine’s Day” is the time to celebrate the love you have for your gal pals by wearing pajamas, watching iconic romance films and of course, baking themed sweet treats. Here are some recipes that will impress your girls without breaking the bank.  

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies  

Although the word “cheesecake” in any recipe immediately screams “time-consuming and difficult,” these pink cookies could not be easier and more affordable to make. This recipe comes from the blog Chenée Today and only calls for a few simple ingredients: a box of strawberry cake mix, cream cheese, vegetable oil, baking powder, one egg and a bag of white chocolate chips. All you do is mix the ingredients together and fold in the white chocolate chips before baking at 350 degrees for 12 to 13 minutes. The hot pink color of these cookies is fitting for a Galentine’s appetizer or dessert. View the full recipe and ingredient measurements here

galentines day strawberry cocktail
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cocktail. Photo courtesy of The Table by Harry & David.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cocktail  

Serve this cocktail alongside some chocolate-covered strawberries for a boozy twist at your Galentine’s brunch or dinner. This recipe only calls for strawberry vodka, chocolate liqueur and some half and half. If you own a drink shaker, simply shake to combine and strain into a cocktail glass. Top with a chocolate-covered strawberry for a photo-op and start celebrating! View full alcohol measurements here

For those in search of a mocktail option that is just as adorable as the cocktail above, there are plenty of delicious drinks to make for a dry Galentine’s Day. A simple strawberry lemonade can be elevated to an impressive mocktail by purchasing edible glitter and garnishing with a fresh strawberry. Pour a glass of strawberry lemonade over ice and sprinkle edible glitter over the top of the drink. The glitter will sink through the cup and give it a sparkly finish. You can also substitute this recipe for raspberry lemonade and garnish your mocktail with fresh raspberries instead. Any pink or red fruit will work!  

Heart Hug Pretzels. Photo courtesy of Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

Heart Hug Pretzels  

This is a popular Christmas recipe that has been around forever but one simple change can make this fitting for a sweet and salty Galentine’s snack. All you need to make this treat is square-shaped pretzels, Hershey’s hug candies and pink M&Ms. For reference, when ingredient-shopping, Hershey’s hugs are white chocolate with thin milk chocolate stripes. Unwrap the hug candies and place them on top of the pretzels before proceeding to bake them at 350 degrees for one to three minutes. Make sure to not exceed this baking time as the hugs will become too melted to press the M&Ms into! After removing from the oven, gently press a pink M&M into each hug and wait for them to harden. A friendly word of advice: make a lot of these because they are addicting and will go quick!  

Social media is your best friend when it comes to creative holiday-themed recipes, so if none of these ones interest you, head over to Pinterest or TikTok for inspiration. Enjoy your Galentine’s Day this year and make sure to tell your friends how much you appreciate them!


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