The Barista Diaries: Chamberlain Coffee review


The founder of Chamberlain Coffee is none other than successful YouTuber and influencer Emma Chamberlain. Since the early days of her vlogs, Chamberlain has been open with her fans about her coffee obsession. Many of her iconic “what I do in a day” vlogs begin at her Nespresso machine while she makes an iced latte or drives to a newly discovered local coffee shop. As she has become more successful over the past few years, Chamberlain has used her platform to establish Chamberlain Coffee.  

This online coffee shop has the convenience of delivering ready-to-make coffee straight to your door and offers a variety of blends. It also offers matcha tea and hot cocoa if coffee is not your drink of choice. If you are looking for convenience when it comes to making coffee, Chamberlain suggests purchasing single-serve steeped bags. I purchased a variety box, which includes the following blends: the Early Bird, the Careless Cat, the Social Dog, the Night Owl and the Family Blend.  

After doing some social media research before trying the coffee, I found that the Social Dog Blend was a popular favorite among Chamberlain fans and coffee lovers. This blend has hints of peanuts, graham cracker and milk chocolate with a medium level of caffeine for those who cannot consume high amounts. This blend was my personal favorite because who doesn’t want their coffee to taste like a Snickers bar in a cup? The Night Owl Blend is also notable for its hints of dark chocolate and toasted walnuts which make for a perfect complement to an afternoon snack.  

Given Chamberlain’s love for fashion and accessories, the site also offers tumblers, mugs and tote bags with funky designs for affordable prices. The website is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to coffee lovers of all kinds. It includes caffeine levels for each blend with descriptions of flavors that range all the way from butterscotch to chocolate-covered cherry. A decaffeinated Sleepy Sloth Blend has just been released as well as a cold brew bag, which I will have to try in the future!  

Rating: 4.5/5 

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