Feel Good Friday: UConn a cappella group fundraises with doughnuts 


A University of Connecticut a cappella group is holding a doughnut fundraiser in order to raise money for a spring trip to Washington D.C.  

Rolling Tones, one of UConn’s a cappella groups, is selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts to students for Valentine’s Day to go to American University’s Acapalooza event. Students pay $10 to receive a dozen glazed doughnuts, according to their online flyer.  

Students can preorder doughnuts with a Google Form posted by the President of Rolling Tones, Cat Cantelmo, on Reddit. The preorder period will end this Sunday, Feb. 13. The preordered doughnuts will be delivered to the student’s dorm, or if the student ordered them for someone else, they will be delivered there.  

“Some mom found us and she ordered for her daughter, which I thought was so cute. So, I’ll give that to them in the morning, it’ll be really adorable,” Cantelmo said via an in-person interview.   

Cantelmo says there have already been around 12 preorders. Her and another member of the group will be delivering the doughnuts on Valentine’s Day.  

The group will also be sitting inside Homer D. Babbidge Library on Valentine’s Day to sell boxes to students. There will also be flyers put up around campus that day.  

Cantelmo hopes to raise around $300 to help pay for the trip to American University for the spring Acapalooza event. The Valentine’s Day fundraiser  will help fund the group’s train tickets. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rolling Tones wasn’t able to interact with any other a cappella groups so Cantelmo says this trip will be a good experience to meet other groups and learn from singing with others.  

Cantelmo became the Rolling Tones president last fall and says that leading an a cappella group through a pandemic has been strange.  

“It’s all new to me, I’m a club president after COVID, so it’s really weird,” Cantelmo said.  

She wants the group to be able to go to events, but says it’s difficult after COVID-19.  

“We do have to fundraise. I almost feel like we’re behind because of COVID and everything,” Cantelmo said.  

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