UConn’s newest book club Turn the Page is the perfect organization for anyone who loves to read  


Reading is back, ladies and gentleman. It’s time to get your hands on a book, and trade out the iPhone for a piece of literature. If you’re looking to discuss your reads with a group of people, the newly established UConn book club Turn the Page is the place for you.  

Created by fourth-semester English major Chloe Hummel, Turn the Page works to emphasize the social aspect of reading.  

“While searching through club advertisements in the English buildings, and looking through UConntact, I noticed a lack of book clubs emphasizing the social part of reading,” said Hummel. “So, I decided to create my own!”  

Being an English major, Hummel spends a lot of her time reading, but she believes that reading for pleasure is something that everyone should incorporate into their life.  

“I think it’s so important to use the imaginative, creative part of your mind,” Hummel explained. “Most people who say they don’t like to read just haven’t found the right genre.” 

Hummel’s goal with Turn the Page is to transform the isolating aspect of reading into a social one.  

“Engaging in discussion with people your age who love reading transforms the process into a fun, social experience,” she said. “I love talking to people about books because they notice things I missed and interpret characters in different ways.”  

She also hopes to attract anyone who enjoys reading, not just those who are majoring in English.  

“The goal of the club is to become super collaborative, low-pressure, and incorporate members’ ideas,” said Hummel. “I want the club to be an oasis for readers; not filled with strict deadlines and rules.”  

Hummel finds reading to be the perfect escape for when she needs a break from school work. Growing up she was surrounded by two parents who love to read, so books were everywhere in her household.  

“My mom always read to me as a kid and took me to bookstores and libraries,” she said. “She was also part of a book club for years, so I got to experience how they run best.”  

Hummel’s favorite author is Sarah J. Maas and one of her favorite books is “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  

Her overall mission with Turn the Page is to “create a welcoming book club environment that encourages great conversations and lots of fun activities.” She emphasizes that everyone who joins will be treated with kindness and respect, truly fostering a warm and loving environment.  

The goal is to present two or three different book choices and then give members enough time between the next meeting to finish them, however if someone is unable to, that is more than okay. The first meeting is this coming Monday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. in Monteith. If you have any questions, feel free to email Chloe at chloeehummel@gmail.com  

If you would like to learn more about Turn the Page, follow the group on Instagram @turnthepageuconn, or check them out on UConntact.  

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