What UConn students are doing for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day evokes a wide range of emotions, from happiness and excitement to loneliness and sadness. These emotions can be amplified by the stress and anxiety college students experience. A common misconception one feels in this melancholy state is that you’re the only one spending it alone. In reality, whether you’re going out with your significant other, relaxing with some friends or just taking some time for yourself, someone else is on the same page as you. To illustrate this, I asked some UConn students what their Valentine’s Day plans are. 

“I will be spending Valentine’s Day in NYC with my boyfriend, where we will be attending New York Fashion Week!” said Brooke Wallace, an eighth-semester cognitive science and Spanish major.

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, it can be difficult to organize plans for the day because of classes, work, distance and other circumstances. 

Jordan Madison, an eighth-semester human development and family sciences student, said, “Since my boyfriend and I go to different schools, the weekend before Valentine’s Day, we’re going to a Boston Celtics game.” 

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to take a break from Storrs and have a mini getaway, even if it’s with a group of friends!

Teresa Distefano, an eighth-semester biology student, said she will be spending her day, “eating a lot of food, watching rom-coms and celebrating a friend’s birthday.” 

Valentine’s Day should not be limited to celebrating only romantic love, as the love between friends and family can be stronger than anything else. As Jean De La Fontaine put it, “Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.”

Brandon Lyons, an eighth-semester communications major, said “Having my birthday on a holiday that’s all about love is a great reminder to stop and love myself a little extra.” Lyons is Distefano’s friend whose birthday falls on Feb. 14. 

This is a wonderful sentiment for everyone to keep in mind on a day dedicated to love and appreciation. If you have no one to spend the day with, do something that brings you joy, because we so often forget that above all, our own happiness is most important. 

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to execute a grand gesture for a loved one to express your love and appreciation. 

“I’m going to be driving home to see my girlfriend. I’ll be getting her flowers and a gift, and we will be going out to dinner together,” said Hisham Rushaidat, an eighth-semester political science and communications major. “I can’t wait!” 

Don’t forget about your friends and family this Valentine’s Day. Call your grandma, make your roommates dinner or send a card home to your family. Simple thoughtful acts can go a long way!

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