The Barista Diaries: Trying the Dunkin’ spring menu


Calling all Dunkin’ lovers! Dunkin’ released its spring 2022 menu yesterday, and it was too intriguing not to head over and try some of the new items. Fans are intrigued by the shamrock iced macchiato, which is made with green-colored Irish cream syrup and mixed with your choice of milk. The green milk is topped with ice and shots of espresso in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day, similar to the pink velvet macchiato that was offered last year for Valentine’s Day. 

This drink makes for a festive photo-op, but you have to mix your macchiato to avoid drinking only syrup and milk since the shots of espresso are poured on top. The Irish cream flavor was strong in this solid iced latte. I did not try this beverage hot, but I have a feeling that the creamy flavor would pair better in a hot drink. I would recommend ordering this on St. Patrick’s Day, but I wouldn’t pick this one again. 

The second drink I tried is the salted caramel cream cold brew. Starbucks offers this drink on its menu, and it’s been a popular item since its 2018 release. It also happens to be one of my go-to orders. Dunkin’ is typically more affordable and has larger beverage sizes than Starbucks, which is a point when comparing both chains’ take on the drink. 

Because the two companies have very different cold brew flavors, the flavor is a matter of personal preference. In my opinion as a die-hard cold brew lover, Starbucks definitely has some competition with this one! The salted cream cold foam was smooth and well-paired with the salted caramel syrup at the bottom of the black cold brew. The drink was not too sweet, so I recommend adding cream, milk or sugar if you want an extra kick of sweetness.  

Lastly, I sampled the chocolate croissant. Since I have a great appreciation for local cafés, I tend to avoid ordering food items at chain coffee shops. My position on this still stands after trying Dunkin’s chocolate croissant, which was expectedly average. If you are craving the comfort of a warm chocolate croissant in the morning, try researching local cafés and bakeries to support. I can guarantee that it will taste fresher, and you will enjoy the ambiance of a new spot.  

The item I did not try was the signature salted caramel latte. This is made using the same salted caramel syrup of the cold brew beverage, but as a latte with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. In honor of spring approaching, Dunkin’ is pricing this drink at $3 for a medium if you have the Dunkin’ Rewards app. 

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