The Coleumn: As a New York sports fan, which Boston team do I like the most? 


I grew up a New York sports fan. Whether it was the New York Yankees, New York Giants or New York Rangers, I passionately rooted for teams from New York City. Because of that, I understood that Boston had the most hated teams in the tri-state area. There are other cities like Philadelphia, Newark, New Jersey and Pittsburgh that New York teams dislike, but Boston gives them all a run for their money. 

As time passed, I realized that not all Boston sports teams are bad (not talent-wise obviously) and that some teams should be given a little more love by the media and other sports fans. This has led me to an essential question: as a New York fan, which Boston sports team do I like the most? 

Writer’s Note: This is solely my opinion, and I did not poll New York sports fans for this list. Fans are not a reason for the rankings being what they are. 

5. New England Patriots 

Every other NFL fan can relate to this; we are tired of seeing this team, formerly led by Tom Brady, win every year. There were times where we thought they would come up short in the playoffs only for a miracle comeback and an insane amount of luck to occur (i.e. Super Bowl LI). It was nice to see this team win it all for the first time in the 2001 season, but they should give other teams a chance to touch the Lombardi Trophy. If you consider the numerous scandals they’ve had from spygate to deflategate, you would be furious too. 

If there’s any upside to their current ranking, the Patriots know what they are doing. Bill Belichick has been that guy over the last 20+ years and making the playoffs in their second season without Brady shows that their downfall will never arrive. Not bad for a team that was, at one point this season, the best in the AFC. 

4. Boston Bruins 

They may have won only one Stanley Cup in my lifetime, but I don’t like them. This has less to do with Brad Marchand’s sick kicks or David Pastrňák turning into Boston’s Alex Ovechkin, but more with the entire team. Seeing the Bruins lift the Cup in 2011 over the Vancouver Canucks was disgruntling and disappointing, and the whole world rooted against them in the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals. This team is consistently good, whether it’s transitioning from Tim Thomas to Tuukka Rask or besting teams like the Carolina Hurricanes and Toronto Maple Leafs multiple times in the last decade. 

The best moments that come with the Bruins is when they lose in the playoffs. It’s less about the heartbreak than it is the memories that the fans have from it. The Blues got to hoist the Cup for the first time in 2019 in Boston and Islanders’ fans passionately chanted “New York Saints” in a series-clinching win at Nassau Coliseum last season. 

3. Boston Celtics 

I’m tired of seeing this team win, even though they have only one championship in my lifetime. They won 16 beforehand and didn’t give teams a fighting chance in the 50s or 60s. This is a consistent theme across all the leagues, as it also explains my disdain for the Packers, Steelers and Montreal Canadiens to name a few. The Celtics make New York fans jealous because they can only watch as the Celtics are beasts of the east while the Knicks are the NBA’s punchline, and the Nets are disappointing.  

The other reason why this team is ranked this high is because they had UConn legend Ray Allen, who won his first ring alongside Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in 2008. Some of Allen’s best memories (excluding his game-tying shot in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals) come in a Celtics’ jersey and if Garnett and Pierce’s numbers are in the rafters, then his should be too. 

2. New England Revolution 

I was annoyed when they earned a record-breaking 73 points in the regular season at first, but over time, I realized they were enjoyable to watch, led by reigning MVP Charles Gil and future Arsenal goalie Matt Turner. In a wild 2021 MLS season, you would have thought that the Revolution, one year removed from an Eastern Conference Finals appearance as the No. 8 seed, would cruise to the MLS Cup. On the contrary, they came up short at home against NYCFC, who went on to win the MLS Cup in PK. After a strong showing in Portland this past weekend, the chance of them making their first MLS Cup appearance since 2014 is within their grasp. 

1. Boston Red Sox 

I grew up a Yankees’ fan. You would think that a team that has won the second most rings in the last 20 years (the Pats are No. 1) would be ranked as the least-liked team, but I’ve realized that the Red Sox are simply nasty and likeable. The 2004 team had legends in every aspect of the game, from David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez’ bats to Curt Schilling’s pitching prowess.  

The Red Sox winning a Fall Classic was inevitable, whether Yankees fans want to accept that or not. Four titles in 15 years were not inevitable because of a cultural change that rocketed star players to fame like Dustin Pedroia and Mookie Betts. The Red Sox’s culture this past season wowed me. They had a home run cart and some wicked city edition jerseys that remind me of the Boston Marathon.  

I can never show hatred toward the Yankees, but I will show some support toward the Red Sox, just not when they’re playing the Yankees because I will always pick the Yankees to win. 

Shoutout to Jared Carrabis as well, because the nicknames he gives those players are outstanding. 

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