Spring 2022 fashion trends on the rise

These kinds of motoscooters are commonly known to be a part of the retro era of fashion. Retro originated in the 1970s but has a habit of making a comeback every now and then; spring 2022 looks like its latest one. Photo credit to Pixabay

A new season means new fashion, and I am ready to ditch beanies and heavy winter coats as much as you are. We’re seeing some new trends this year, with many of them involving bright patterns and colors, so goodbye basics! Let’s break down these rising trends and discuss how to style them.  

Retro prints  

The rising retro print trend has taken inspiration from classic 1970s fashion. Mini skirts and dresses with floral and marble designs can be worn through the spring and summer seasons to make the perfect vacation moment. If you need spring break inspiration, these prints are also trending in bathing suits as well.  

Graphic crewnecks  

Oversized graphic tees came into the fashion world during quarantine, and crewnecks are now following in their footsteps. Beachy boutiques are marketing crewnecks with messages on the back such as “Have a good day” or “Take care of yourself.” Pair these types of crewnecks with jean shorts, leggings or over a swimsuit as a beach coverup on lazy days.  

Matching sets  

Matching sets take away the stress of pairing pieces when creating an outfit. Whether you are going out to dinner or lounging at home, matching sets always make for a put-together look. If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive DIY project, purchase plain white sweatpants and a hoodie and tie-dye them the color of your choice.  

Matching sets are often worn by couples, siblings, or parent/child. They’re easy to put together and can be worn whenever, whether as pjs or as outfits outside the house. This type of trend always finds a way to resurge, and 2022 looks like its latest resurge. Photo credit to Barbara Olsen


This combination of a shirt and a jacket exploded in the fashion world during the fall 2021 season. I discussed the shacket trend in my fall fashion piece, but spring calls for new patterns and colors. Many shops are marketing pastel-colored plaid prints as well as some neutral corduroy prints that pair well with some light wash jeans for a brunch outfit.  

Silk slip dresses  

For a fancier occasion, silk slip dresses are the new rage. They are comfortable for going out to dinner and are usually marketed in bright colors such as pink, blue, green and orange. The midi style of these dresses falls at the knee, which perfectly pairs with chunky heels.  

Shoulder bags 

Large totes are out when it comes to Gen Z style. Shoulder bags with funky handles are the ideal size for holding necessities such as an ID holder, lip gloss and your phone. Choose nude shades so that you will get the most use out of this accessory with its color compatibility. If you have some room in your closet for an extra, go for a hot pink or lavender shade to spice up a nude outfit.  

Shoulder bags are the most convenient kind of bags to carry around seeing as they’re small and can be taken anywhere. They can hold anything from a small ID to a mini IPad and any number of small things. Photo credit to Marcus Aurelius

Colored straight-leg jeans  

By now, we all probably have a pair of mom-style, high-rise or straight dad-style jeans in our closets from the trends over the last few seasons. These are all still in style, so make sure you keep them handy for go-to daily outfits. Zara kickstarted the colored high-rise jean trend with the most popular options being emerald green, salmon and lilac. Simply pair them with a white cropped t-shirt and some high top Converse.  

Custom Converse  

We can’t end a fashion article without discussing shoes. Converse has a new feature that allows you to create a custom pair of shoes with a variety of designs and colors. If you need inspiration, many people have been creating matching shoes with their friends or spouses and posting them on social media. My recommendation is to make your custom Converse platform-style for a trendy look. Happy shopping!  

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