USG Election Results: Holland and Spinelli win USG president/VP 

The Undergraduate Student Government elections have ended. Mason Holland and Peter Spinelli have been re-elected as president and vice president, Benjamin Kielty has been elected USG comptroller, and the senate seats have been decided. Photo by Fintan Trimble/The Daily Campus.

The positions of president/VP, comptroller and chief diversity officer, as well as several senatorial positions, were up for grabs this past week in the most recent Undergraduate Student Government spring election. After two days, the results are in, with a total of 2,314 votes.  

Mason Holland has been re-elected USG president along with vice president Peter Spinelli with 45.67% of the vote. Dibran Trepca and Christopher Bergen came in second with 31.2% of the vote. Ryan Westervelt and Charlotte Chen came in third with about 14% of the vote and finally Didi Schiet and Matthew Bernstein came in fourth with 6.87% of the vote.  

The position of USG comptroller went to Benjamin Keilty who won a narrow victory of only 22 votes over candidate Edward Zelikman. Keilty garnered 47.75% of the vote to Zelikman’s 46.8%.  

As of the writing of this article, the chief diversity officer election between Carter Newman, Brandon Drummond and Ahenkan Akuffo-Parry is still pending.  

In terms of USG Senate races, Mackenzie Robinson won the uncontested race for ACES senator. Alyssa Perugini and Pranav George were elected senators representing the School of Business. Irene Soteriou, Kamara Nyahuma, Srimayi Chaturvedula, Julie Reynolds, Suraj Kalaria, Ethan Stone, Allison Petkis, Christopher Thompson and Araceli Tello were all elected CLAS senators. Marianella Salinas, Dwaritha Ramesh, Likhitadevi Athinaa and Alron D’Mello were elected to USG Senate representing the Engineering School. Aanya Mehta, Karen Lau, Winta Mekonnen and Anthony Capua were elected Multicultural and Diversity senators. Finally, Allison Villano was elected to the USG Senate to represent the School of Nursing.  

There are still 16 senate seats that are yet to be filled, with some schools such as the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, Neag School of Education, School of Fine Arts and School of Pharmacy, not having any senatorial representation.  

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