The Barista Diaries: Battle of the creamers


Making coffee from home is a great way to save money and time, but it can also be a fun process. You are able to add exactly what ingredients you want into your beverage with the environmental benefit of using a reusable cup. So, what are the best creamers on the market right now to purchase for your at-home coffee making? I tried a variety of trending creamer brands over the past few months, and here are my recommendations.  

Califia Farms  

Califia Farms prides themselves on offering non-GMO Certified and vegan coffee creamers. It offers both oat milk and almond milk-based creamers in a range of different flavors. I tried the newly released oat milk cinnamon roll flavor and the almond milk cookie butter flavor. Many complaints that people have when it comes to plant-based creamers is that they are too thin, but Califia Farms did not disappoint. Both flavors were creamy and foamed up well with my frother. The sleek packaging will also definitely make you feel fancy when you make your coffee in the morning! 


Out of all of the creamers I have reviewed, Chobani has to be my favorite. It offers dairy creamers, as well as plant-based creamers. The vintage packaging and the flavors are so creative, but its sweet cream flavor is the reason that this brand has been trending so much lately. It tastes almost identical to the addictive sweet cream from Starbucks which is pretty hard to replicate. Purchase a milk frother to foam this up and pour it over a cold brew to make your own vanilla sweet cream cold brew! Other Chobani flavors that are worth mentioning are almond coco-loco, sizzlin’ brown sugar and caramel macchiato. Also be on the lookout for its limited edition holiday creamers which have included cookies and cream and mint cookie. If you like cookies, Chobani seems to be the perfect creamer for you!   


Silk is another dairy-free option that offers almond milk and oat milk-based flavors. I tried the oat milk oatmeal cookie flavor and the almond milk sweet and creamy flavor. If making cold foam to put on top of your iced coffee is an essential part of your routine, I would stray from this brand. Although the creamers did not foam up well, the quality of the flavors was great. The oatmeal cookie was so unique and the sweet and creamy flavor was a great option for a lighter version of Starbucks’ sweet cream. I have also heard good things about its crème brûlée flavor which I will have to try soon.  

Coffee mate  

I had to include a classic brand in this review and Coffee mate seemed like the best choice because of its playful take on creamer flavors. It offers a Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor and a Golden Grahams flavor that transport the deliciousness of morning cereal into a cup of coffee. It also offers sugar-free and fat-free flavors that do not have a bad aftertaste which is essential. If you are looking for a sugar-free creamer option, definitely go with Coffee mate over International Delight. I tried the sugar-free French vanilla creamer from International Delight and it was not enjoyable. Other Coffee mate flavors worth mentioning are vanilla bean and Italian sweet creme, so go try them out!  

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