Power Outage Across UConn Storrs

The power outage at UConn forces classes to be cancelled for the day. Read more to find out what happened. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

A power outage across the University of Connecticut Storrs campus occurred on Sunday night, leading to all online and in-person classes being canceled on Monday.  

Originally, UConn Alert sent a message to students, faculty and staff stating that all classes scheduled to occur before noon on Monday would be canceled. However, a few hours later the service sent an additional message stating that all classes would be canceled for the entirety of the day. 

All non-essential employees were told to remain home and complete work remotely, UConn Spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said. 

The outage was the result of a problem with an underground high-voltage line on campus, Reitz said. There were no reported injuries. 

Workers were repairing the line on Monday, however Reitz said the repairs are rather lengthy and more complex than what would result from a typical power outage.  

All operations and classes across UConn’s regional campuses including Hartford, Stamford, Avery Point, Waterbury, UConn Health and the School of Law have not been affected, Reitz said. 

However, as of 3:30 p.m. on Monday, UConn Alert announced that power was restored across the UConn Storrs campus. 

Essential workers were on campus Monday and Residential Life has reached out to students by directing them with information on dining halls with electricity for students to get meals, Reitz said. 

Workers continue to repair damaged electrical infrastructure, but that work is being done mainly underground and will not affect traffic or any campus operations, Reitz said. 

Only buildings that were fed the specific high voltage line and its related equipment were affected. The buildings that were fed by that affected circuit have since been moved to other circuits, Reitz said.  

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