UConn School of Business hosts global business leadership in sustainability summit 


The University of Connecticut School of Business is hosting the Global Business Leadership in Sustainability Summit on Friday, March 25 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the UConn School of Business in Storrs. This half-day event brings together professionals, faculty and students to discuss important sustainability topics for businesses while also highlighting the existing “sustainability initiatives” going on across UConn. Any UConn student can attend, regardless of major, and registration is free with an option for either in-person or virtual attendance. 

Arminda Kamphausen, associate director of global business programs and conference organizer, said the idea for the summit evolved from their previous speaker series. 

“We have actually been hoping to pivot our Global Business Leadership series to focus on sustainability since before Covid,” Kamphausen said in an email. “That program was previously a speaker series, but we thought it would have more impact as a 1-day event.  We have increased our focus in the School of Business around this space and of course the students have been eager to learn and do more to use business for good.”  

The summit will kick off with a keynote panel featuring representatives from UConn, the public sector and the corporate sector answering questions about sustainability in business.  

After the panel, there will be breakout sessions focused on corporate social responsibility and environmental social and governance, how businesses can measure their sustainability efforts. 

The summit will end with a closing debrief, reflecting on lessons learned and plans for the future. It will also conclude with a networking reception for students. 

Kamphausen hopes students come away from the summit with not only a better understanding of business sustainability, but with many other takeaways.  

“We hope that students will come away with a better understanding of what it means to do business sustainably, obtain resources to support them in the areas that they are passionate about, learn more about what UConn and the School is already doing along the lines of sustainable education and work, and connect with other like-minded students, staff, faculty, and business professionals to encourage them and build a network for future work,” Kamphausen said.   


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