Netflix comes out with interactive rendition of popular app “Trivia Crack”


Time travel back to 2015, when everyone was playing Trivia Crack. You and your best friend were sitting on the couch in your childhood home, silently playing against each other to decide who was the smartest. You got stuck on the geography question – shucks! Those are always the hardest.  

On April 1, Netflix released “Trivia Quest,” a new interactive show based on the popular Trivia Crack app. One episode will be released each day in April, culminating in 30 episodes total. Each episode contains 24 questions falling in the usual Trivia Crack categories: art, history, science, sports, geography and entertainment. When you answer questions correctly, players will gain points. For what, you may ask? Well, let’s just say that Trivia Land has been pestered by Evil Rocky, and by gaining points, players will be able to help Willy save people from the enemy.   

“Trivia Quest” is not Netflix’s first interactive show and will definitely not be their last. The audience is given a medium to engage with a television show, allowing them to decide their own outcome and have an interactive experience. While it isn’t what we’re used to seeing, the more power the individual has, the more likely they are to get hooked.  

I personally really enjoyed “Trivia Quest.” I found the episodes to be short and concise, the perfect length for a daily game. Rather than creating a drawn out experience, viewers are able to click play and get to answering questions right away. I’m a sucker for anything animated, so seeing all of the moving icons filled my heart up. In my opinion, the animation is perfect, only adding more to the experience.  

My one concern is how many people are tuning into Netflix daily to answer questions. An app is much more feasible because it’s right on your phone, a gadget we always have on us. I know what you’re thinking… you can download the Netflix app, right? Regardless, Netflix still acts as a “middle man,” forcing users to go through one more step before they can get to the game. I personally don’t watch TV everyday, so I definitely won’t be tuning into Trivia Quest through a television screen.  

If you find yourself needing something to occupy your kids, or are just hoping to add something new to your brain-working list of games (of course, right behind Wordle), then join the fun! “Trivia Quest” can be found on Netflix throughout the entire month of April.  

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