The Barista Diaries: Battle of the syrups  


Since I have already broken down the best creamers to use with your at-home coffee, it only makes sense to go over some of the best flavored syrup brands as well. For those of us trying to save what little money we have left at the end of this semester, here are my best recommendations for syrup brands and flavors for making your coffee at home.  


Starting off with my favorite brand, Torani is actually used in many high-end local coffee shops because of its variety of flavors. Coffee shops utilize Torani flavors to make specialty lattes and cold brews, but you can easily purchase these syrups and use them at home for a fraction of the cost. Your best chance at finding Torani syrups for cheap is at T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods or Marshalls. They are sold in both large glass bottles and small plastic bottles. The large bottles usually retail around $6 and the smaller bottles usually retail around $4. Some of my favorite flavors are salted caramel, vanilla bean and its newest flavor, s’mores. Almost all Torani syrups are available in sugar-free versions as well if you are looking for a healthier alternative to your coffee. The company also recommends trying out its syrups in other drinks such as milkshakes or cocktails, so get creative!  


Starbucks offers some of its flavored syrups in retail stores, sold in small plastic bottles, for around $8 — double the price of Torani syrups. But if you have a Starbucks addiction, this may be a smart purchase. You will not be able to find all your favorite flavors at your local grocery store, however. Starbucks only offers caramel, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla and hazelnut syrups for purchase. If you love its iconic cinnamon dolce, toffee nut or white mocha syrups, you will have to venture out to a different brand or go into the store and get a coffee. If you are a die-hard T.J. Maxx shopper, you may be able to spot a Starbucks syrup if you get lucky.  


If you are looking to treat yourself to something a little more gourmet, look into Monin syrups. Its flavors are a bit more complex and feature toasted marshmallow, cookie butter and cinnamon bun, to name a few. Monin also offers a five pack of mini syrups that can be found at stores such as World Market and Bed Bath and Beyond for only $10. The flavors range from classic caramel to amaretto, giving you so many diverse options for your morning coffee and afternoon pick-me-up. You can also get a larger bottle for around $7, and Monin has a pretty logo on their bottles, which is always a plus.  

I have tried a variety of flavored syrup brands and the ones listed above have been my top three for a long time. You cannot beat their prices and constant stream of new flavors, especially Torani and Monin. I recommend looking on TikTok for drink-making inspiration by using these brands as keywords in your search. Trust me when I say you will never get bored with at-home beverage creations, and you will save money in the process!

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