The Barista Diaries: Blossoming caffeine trends this spring  


Hi there caffeine lovers! We all know that social media is the hub for DIY coffee creations. Whether you are looking for “secret menu” Starbucks recommendations or inspiration for your at-home caffeine creations, I have gathered some of the most viral caffeine trends this spring to give you some fresh ideas.  

Fruity matcha  

The earthy and grassy flavors of matcha by themselves are overpowering and often turn people away from ordering it or making it at home as a refreshing afternoon beverage. Food influencers have put a spin on traditional matcha this spring by adding “fruity milk” as a base for their iced matcha lattes. It is made by blending your choice of milk with your favorite fruit and pouring it into a cup with ice before adding your matcha to the top. Give it a good mix and you may just find your new everyday drink. Notable flavors that have gone viral on social media include strawberry, pineapple and peach. If you don’t have matcha at home and are looking for a way to order a fruity matcha drink at Starbucks, ask the barista for an iced matcha with sweet cream cold foam and strawberry puree blended into the foam.  


This purple version of a sweet potato has been trending in the food and beverage world this spring including ube-flavored ice cream, ube-infused boba tea and even ube-covered pretzels. Its gorgeous lavender color has influenced local coffee shops to create trendy and Instagramable iced coffees and lattes as the temperatures increase. But what does this starchy vegetable taste like in coffee? If you love sweetness in your coffee, ube is going to be a great choice in your next coffee-run adventure. Its sweet and nutty flavors are similar to those of white chocolate, pistachio and chestnut. Pairing this flavor with a rich milk such as oat or coconut milk will be a delicious way to treat yourself this spring.  

Candy lattes 

If you celebrated Easter this past Sunday and have some leftover candy, you have to try this trend. You have to own either an at-home espresso maker or single-serve coffee maker to try this trend because no coffee shops have hopped on it yet. Simply grab your favorite creamy candy, such as KitKat or Reese’s, and place it at the bottom of your mug. Let your espresso shots or hot coffee melt the candy and mix before adding your milk or creamer. Although I usually never praise hot coffee drinks, this trend really changed my opinion on them. I tried it with white chocolate KitKats and it was amazing. Keep this trend in mind for holidays like Halloween and Christmas when you can use your favorite seasonal candy to create a customized, warm latte!  

Vietnamese iced coffee  

Although this traditional recipe has been around for a while, it seems like it’s going to be the drink of the summer. Many frozen yogurt and boba tea shops are marketing Vietnamese iced coffee as a refreshing treat. It is served over ice with strong coffee and sweetened condensed milk. Its smooth and creamy texture will have you addicted to this indulgent treat all summer long. The best part is that you can easily make traditional Vietnamese iced coffee at home to save some money and take it to go. If you go to a boba shop and order this, I recommend adding tapioca pearls to the bottom of your iced coffee for some texture and chewiness.  

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