The best things in Life are at The Daily Campus 


Esther Ju, LE 

“Writing is like sex. First you do it for love, then you do it for your friends and then you do it for money.” Virginia Woolf said this over 50 years ago, yet somehow she managed to illustrate my exact thought process when joining The Daily Campus in 2019. 

That’s a joke, of course. My membership with the DC never started with a love for writing. It was more so an instinct, driven by fear, boredom, curiosity and mostly fear. As a freshman, getting involved was the last thing I wanted to do. Everything was bigger, everyone was older and thus, my surroundings were scarier. 

Being afraid to put yourself out there is completely normal, and it’s a feeling I still experience today. The least helpful advice would be to stop feeling scared because for most people, it never really goes away. So instead, even if you are petrified, do it anyway. 

By following this advice, I ended up at The Daily Campus. And as a senior, I can finally say that joining the DC’s Life section gave way to so much more than gained experience. It acted as a space where I could connect with people and make new friends, and above all, it provided me with an outlet that I didn’t know I needed. 

Among the four writing sections we have at the newspaper, Life is arguably the most creative. As Life editor, I happen to be obligated to say that, but it in no way lessens my belief in the statement. Aside from campus events and organization features, our section covers the arts and pop culture, whether it be the newest exhibition at the Benton Museum or the 1975’s newest single that just released (shameful promo, I know). 

“WRITING is like sex. first you do it for love, then you do it for your friends, and then you do it for money.”

Virginia Woolf

Unlike hard news, there is no right or wrong structure to follow when writing for Life, which may be the best part about it. Life is a section that supports writers who want to develop their own voices and styles by writing about what they’re interested in. I owe a lot to my music column from sophomore year, which allowed me to both grow as a writer and also discover the type of writing I’m most comfortable with. 

Moreover, comfort is a fundamental aspect of our section. Not only do we want our writers to feel included in their work, but we also want them to have fun while doing it. Life is meant to be enjoyable — in the context of the DC, but also in reality. 

I joined The Daily Campus with no intentions of staying for long. I figured I would write a story or two, and then dip once I realized it wasn’t for me. After being a part of it for three years, I guess you could say my predictions were wrong. But the most important part is that I gave it a shot. 

To reiterate, my involvement at the DC may not have come out of a love for writing, but it did help me realize it. In the long run, it may have even affected my career prospects, which now lean entirely toward journalism. Speaking from experience, negative emotions like fear or disorientation can often be the best catalysts for discovering solutions. Like mine was, perhaps yours is at The Daily Campus. 

Joanne Biju, ALE 

While talking to my friend about my new responsibilities as Associate Life Editor, I was given something to think about; “Don’t take this the wrong way, but do people actually read The Daily Campus?” she asked.  

I’m proud to say they do. The first thing I do on mornings I have a new article out is visit our website. Whether my piece has eight clicks or 800, the results put a smile on my face.  

I’ll admit, I thought the same thing when I first joined the paper. Though I grew up watching my grandfather read the paper, I never bothered to open one up. Rolls of plastic-wrapped papers tossed on our driveway by delivery drivers would go straight into the recycling bin. Sometimes I’d skim through a magazine, but I’d always jump straight to any pop culture or book sections.  


And while I recognize that News, Sports, Opinion and Photo are all important parts of The Daily Campus, nothing piqued my interest quite like Life.  

As one of our previous editors used to say, “Being a part of Life is like being a part of every club on campus.”  

You truly get to see and participate in it all. Beyond this, Life is an amazing place to talk about things you love. Watched a movie recently? Write a review on it! Passionate about a topic? Start a column!  

My column, “Let’s Get Lit-erary” has been the best outlet to talk about all things bookish! I’ve been able to recommend stories, talk about the intersection of reading and social media, not to mention explore the highs and lows of adaptations.  

I, much like Esther, was first intimidated by the prospect of writing for The Daily Campus. But as a political science and English major, I was worried about my creativity being stifled. I wanted some sort of reprieve from the constant bombardment of essays. Writing for Life gave me just that; instead of fizzling out, my passion for writing grew tenfold.  

So don’t be shy! Email Esther or me for more information on how to join Life — we’d love to have you! 

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