‘Love is Blind: After the Altar’ is an example of cringeworthy television  


If you want to forget all your life problems and take an hour out of your day to sit and watch a trainwreck, I suggest tuning into ”Love is Blind: After the Altar” on Netflix. If you haven’t already watched the second season, this review will probably confuse you, so stop reading, binge the second season and then come back to read what I have to say. But for those familiar with the show and are all caught up, welcome. 

While watching, I was reminded of how the couples met in the first place: through a wall. Yes, I know; how is that even possible? I’m still amazed because I didn’t know blind dating could be taken to such an extreme level, but the creators of the show and the individuals who participated in the experiment proved me wrong. And yes, love is blind. It is so blind that two couples who got engaged and married on the show filed for divorce shortly after this episode was filmed.  

Let’s get started with Shayne and Natalie. Shayne describes their relationship after the show as “re-engaged, un-engaged, on- and off.” The last time Natalie and Shayne spoke was when she texted him, only to say that “she never wants to speak to him again.”  

It was already difficult to imagine these two together for the long run, due to the fact that they had just as much personality as the wall between them in the first season.  

Shayne, I believe, is perceived as the main character because he convinced himself he actually is the main character, so much so that he made the bold decision of wearing a headband in every episode, which was distracting at the least. I would love to know the thought put into that fashion choice, but we do end up seeing Shayne a bit heartbroken this season, so I figure we can cut him some slack for that.  

According to Natalie and Shayne broke up, Natalie was that there were “flirtatious messages” between Shayne and Shaina. I don’t remember Natalie smiling once this season. Clearly, she is still upset by this, but both Shayne and Shaina deny these claims.  

Shaina, on the other hand, has a unique way of sparking conversation. Instead of asking, “Where are you from?” she asks men, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” She asked her current boyfriend Christos, who we know is Christian, Greek and not quite aware of what he’s in for with Shaina. They announced their engagement on the show. It’s unclear how long this relationship will last, but I don’t see it going the distance.  

The amount of engagements on the show are so frequent and casual that it makes Jennifer Lopez’s love life look normal.  

Next on the list are Jarrette and Iyanna, who never showed promise the minute they came together. Apparently, Jarrette has a problem with partying, and Iyanna has moved out of their apartment due to him not changing his ways. Jarrette never seemed to fully buy into the typical husband lifestyle, so this isn’t surprising to me. He says to Iyanna in an episode, “I’m committed to this lifelong partnership with you.” We now know that was not true.  

Nick and Danielle are another married couple that really bothered me the entire series. Their relationship never seemed genuine because of how forced everything felt with their interactions.  Their failed commitment, along with Jarette and Iyanna’s, makes for the two couples who got divorced after filming.  

Anybody remember Sal? Where is he? I forgot about the 31-year-old ukulele player until he showed up on screen with his new girlfriend Jessi. During one of the episodes, Sal brings Jessi to a place where they run into his ex, Mallory. Things get a little awkward, but when aren’t they on this show? 

Meanwhile, Deepti and Kyle are stuck in a “situationship.” They hang out multiple times a week and call each other best friends, along with being attracted to one another. The only caveat is that they are afraid to date, as it runs the risk of ruining the dynamic of their friendship. This term never made sense to me, but in today’s modern dating world, this is what people do. So, good for them, I guess.  

‘Love is Blind: After the Altar’ is full of cringe-worthy moments and drama that you wouldn’t think grown adults could be a part of. Being open about relationship problems and one’s love life and putting it out there for the world to see is not easy. It’s something that, if paid the right amount of money, people will do. I think the world needs a break from reality television and dating shows in general. That being said, I wish nothing but the best for the entire cast.  

‘Love is Blind: After the Altar’ season two is streaming globally on Netflix. 

Rating: 2/5 


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