‘The Kardashians’ Season 2: The never-ending drama continues 


The intense season one finale of the iconic series “The Kardashians” aired in June 2022, and audiences have been anxiously awaiting season two ever since its announcement back in August. In case you’re somehow not up to date, the original 20-season-long “Keeping up with the Kardashians” series ended in 2021, only to be revamped into “The Kardashians” streaming exclusively on Hulu. 

The trailer for season two left jaws dropped as the suspicions of Khloe Kardashian having another child with her cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson were confirmed. Season one gave a glimpse into their relationship, with Thompson stating that he wished to heal their relationship and even expand their family in the future. This extremely ironic repentance was quickly discredited at the end of the season, as news broke out that Thompson was seen cheating again.  

The first episode of season two begins with a very heartfelt conversation between sisters Kim and Khloe, discussing the impending consequences of announcing Khloe’s pregnancy. The drama and insanity involved in Khloe’s pregnancy is a story no one could’ve come up with; it’s understandable that Khloe avoided the media scandal that would’ve erupted if she’d come out with the news earlier.  

The show remains as captivating as before, smoothly transitioning between one-on-one interviews with family members, the sisters interacting with each other and even including clips filmed on what looks like Kim’s phone. This rawness is exactly what keeps fans attracted, as they’re given a glimpse into the unimaginable Kardashian universe. 

While this filming style helps the family appear more down-to-earth despite the lavish reality they live in, Kris does laughably admit in the first episode that she forgot she owned an entire condo in Beverly Hills. The juxtaposition between the Kardashians’ lifestyle and that of the average viewer is what makes the show so intriguing, and this season continues to highlight this disparity in wealth. 

The family also continues to never disappoint in the fashion department; their hair and makeup always looks flawless, reaffirming that the Kardashians remain a family that should never be looked to for attainable beauty standards. 

While season one focused mainly on Kim’s life and Kourtney and Travis’ relationship, season two will encompass more of Khloe’s life as she tries to navigate this endless drama. The premiere episode ends with Khloe’s surrogate going into labor, and Khloe getting to meet her new baby boy. She shares that she plans on having the baby’s name start with a T to match her four-year-old daughter who’s named True, brainstorming a slew of T names in the episode such as Tide or Tyler.  

Speaking of baby names, Kylie Jenner still hasn’t revealed her son’s name after the original name of Wolf was met with overwhelming criticism online. The name was renounced on her Instagram shortly after, and while most were happy to hear Kylie and Travis realized the strangeness of the name Wolf, the baby’s name still hasn’t been revealed after over seven months.  

Maybe the baby’s name will be something that’s disclosed in the brand new season, along with the chaos shown in a sneak peak of the rest of the season — hinting at the extravagant “Kravis” wedding in Italy and a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the family.  

New episodes of “The Kardashians” will be released on Hulu every Thursday for an expected 10 episodes. 

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