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Children’s picture book that empowers black fathers 

In what started as a WhatsApp group chat, father and activist Marvyn Harrison has now begun a movement, a Positive.News article said. 

The WhatsApp group chat which Harrison created soon hosted over 250,000 fathers, the  Positive.News article said. It has acted as an outlet for fathers to share their experiences of being Black dads. 

Now, Harrison can call himself an author. His debut children’s picture book “I Love Me!” is now out, and preschool-aged children can flip through the book’s pages to see positive affirmations to boost their idea of self-image, the Positive.News article said. 

Harrison has coined the term “Dope Black Dads” and intends on continuing to spread his messages of positivity and empowerment through his platform, the Positive.News article said. 

8-year-old shooting victim gets to return home  

Cooper Roberts returned home from the hospital after being shot in the Fourth of July Highland Park shooting, a Today article said.  

Roberts was one of the 48 individuals injured in the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois where a gunman opened fire on the crowd.  

Roberts suffered various injuries including a broken vertebrate and paralysis from the waist down, the Today article said. After several surgeries and months spent in the hospital Roberts was discharged home for good this week. 

“We are at a total loss of words to express how filled with gratitude, love and wholeness we now feel given that we are able to finally have Cooper back at home,” Cooper’s parents said in a statement. 

Although the injuries Roberts faced will be permanent, his parents expressed their appreciation for the life-saving surgeries on their son and his second chance at life in the Today article

Companies moving into a four-day week work schedule  

After a year-long study in the U.K. had taken place regarding the benefits of a four-day work week, the data says it is promising, a Positive.News article said.  

Of the companies that participated in the study, 88% said that the shortened week benefited employees, the Positive.News article said, with more than half of those companies saying productivity in employees remained the same. 

Additionally, a third of the companies in the study reported improvement in productivity. On top of this, 15% said the boost in productivity they saw in employees was significant, the Positive.News article said.  

The study involved over 3,000 workers and 10 firms who took part. Out of the participating firms, over 80% said they plan to keep the four-day work week now that the study has concluded, the Positive.News article said.  

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