‘Bling Empire’ upholds its name in season 3 


The reality television show “Bling Empire” — described as being a real life “Crazy Rich Asians” — is back for even more drama in its third season. First released on Netflix in January 2021, the series premiered as the first reality show with a main cast of all East and Southeast Asians living in the United States. 

While the show is overwhelmingly dramatized and scripted, it details the type of juicy drama you can just eat up. It gives off similar energy to the reality show franchise “The Real Housewives,” as it follows the lives of excessively rich socialites living in Los Angeles. As the series suggests, more money equals more problems, accounting for the fact that there always seems to be an endless amount of both money and conflicts in each star’s life. 

The first episode of season three doesn’t shy away from the melodramatic — and sometimes ridiculous — acting that’s showcased. The episode takes us from mansion to mansion, beginning with famous socialite Anna Shay already instigating the toxic on-and-off relationship between self-made entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li and model Andrew Gray, whose relations have been followed since the show’s first season. 

After seeing Shay’s house, we’re then taken to the Morris Estate, home of Mimi Morris and her husband Don Morris, where Mimi shows off her absurdly spacious closet full of designer and couture clothing to Mi Li. This is an enrapturing part of the show, as the amount of wealth these stars have is something most people will never witness in real life.  

The main event of the episode is the extravagant party thrown for Guy Tang and Almar Guevarra’s sixth anniversary, topped with an ‘80s skate party theme. All the members of the show’s main circle are dressed to impress in ‘80s-esque outfits and full glam, but the party turns awkward very quickly when Gray shows up unannounced with Shay. While he claims to not want any drama, his invasion back into the group’s lives seems to say otherwise.  

Additionally, it is revealed that Christine and Gabriel Chiu are searching for a surrogate in hopes of having another child, after their miracle baby, G, came after years of infertility struggles. While the couple is sharing dinner, actress Mila Kunis makes a surprise appearance, having apparently been neighbors with the Chius. This just goes to show the kind of elevated social circle these people live in. 

If you’re a fan of the “Crazy Rich Asians” series or really any type of reality TV, “Bling Empire” proves to be another must-watch and is rising as a big competitor in the reality industry, with three seasons out in under two years. The grandiose show is consistent in patterns of suspenseful music building up nearly every argument and in its women having almost as many problems as Birkins, shaping the series into a reality television classic.   

While “Bling Empire” may be viewed as just one more duplicate show in the reality TV realm, it’s unique in its celebration and representation of Asian culture, which is something the media have historically lacked. 

You can keep up with the heightening drama on Netflix, where all 10 episodes of season three, as well as the first two seasons, are now available to stream. 

Rating: 3.5/5 

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