Letter to Editor: Vote on November 8th


Dear Editor,

For many students, Nov. 8 will be the first national election they are eligible to vote in. We should not waste this opportunity to participate in our democracy. 

As a whole, 18-24 year-olds vote less than any other age cohort. So politicians tend to ignore young people’s voices, assuming we don’t matter and don’t care. Instead, it is the older generations who vote the most and determine the country’s future. We have a chance to change that on November 8th.  

Crucially, the ballot will also ask Connecticut voters if they approve of early voting in the state. Currently, Connecticut is one of only 5 states without no-excuse early voting. If the referendum passes, the state legislature will consider changing the state constitution and adopting some form of early voting.  

Students can apply for an absentee ballot online through the “Absentee Voting” page of the Connecticut Secretary of the State website and learn about who is up for election through Ballotopedia’s page on Connecticut elections. 


Matthew Koleszar 

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