‘Conversations with a Killer:’ Dahmer’s legacy shakes the world yet again 

A promotion showcases a new Netflix mini docuseries. The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes” gives viewers a more detailed description of Dahmer’s operations, how he developed such an M.O. and his capture. Photo courtesy of: imdb.com

As if the world has not seen enough of Jeffrey Dahmer, Netflix has released yet another mini docuseries depicting the legacy he left behind. “Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes” gives viewers a more detailed description of Dahmer’s operations, how he developed such an M.O. and his capture. Though the series is less personal than “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” starring Evan Peters, the overwhelming number of photos, videos and voice recordings still draws the audience into feeling like a part of the investigation.  

The producers interviewed a variety of lawyers, detectives and witnesses that were involved in Dahmer’s case. One of which was a lawyer named Wendy Patrickus, who shares that Dahmer’s case was the first she had tackled in her career. The recordings she gathered during her many interviews with Jeff make up most – if not the entirety – of the series.  

Gerald Boyle, a defense attorney who had known Dahmer for much longer than most of the others, was also interviewed. He shared his earliest experience with Dahmer, concerning his sexual misconduct with a minor. That encounter in itself was enough to show the audience why Dahmer should have been on the radar earlier on. However, his actions were too quickly ignored and forgiven, leading to the tragedy we know all too well today. Boyle’s primary job his second time defending Dahmer was to prove his insanity, in hopes of lessening his punishment. Had it not been for the court’s denial of such a claim, who knows what would have become of Jeffrey Dahmer.  

The producers also interviewed individuals impacted by the slaughter of their friends. Michael Ross, a friend of multiple of Dahmer’s victims, shared his experience watching his friends go missing one by one, and the tension it brought over Milwaukee. He described how he would see someone every day for weeks on end as usual, before they would suddenly and “mysteriously” disappear. His suspicions of Dahmer only grew over time, and his heartbreak over the true events that unfolded seeps through the screen.  

If you enjoyed watching the series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” you may find interest in learning more about him through this compilation of interviews and evidence. Although this series is more educational, the effect this series has on the world may greatly differ from what the initial series left behind.  

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” was not intended to attract people to Jeffrey Dahmer or glorify his life. The multitude of TikToks and memes about how no one even knew Dahmer’s name until this series was released, and the various ways people have handled that information of who Dahmer was and all that he did should be concerning. While Dahmer did eventually get what he deserved, his reputation lives on and continues to haunt the lives of the victims’ loved ones.  

Some may even be disgusted at the fact that his name still has some relevance in today’s world. If you watched through to the end of “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, Dahmer’s neighbor Glenda Cleveland expressed how no one should give any attention to him or his name in order to honor the victims. We have already disappointed her by making the monster’s name more famous than those of his victims. 

This new series is our opportunity to do right with the information we have. We can use it to raise awareness of how uncertain the world we live in is. We can use it as evidence as to why we should fight for the rights of members of the LGBTQ+ community and for equality amongst all races and classes of people. These two series were not only made for entertainment, but also for education and change.  

Rating: 4/5 

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