UConn mourns student Mia Kirlan-Stout  


The University of Connecticut community is grieving the passing of undergraduate student Mia Kirlan-Stout, who passed away unexpectedly in July. She was from Boulder, Colorado.  

The University expressed its condolences in a statement Tuesday.  

Kirlan-Stout was a senior studying animal science, as well as a member of the Poultry Science Club, the Block and Bridle Club and the American Dairy Science Association at UConn.  

“The loss of a classmate is never easy and we acknowledge that people experience many emotions as we navigate the passing of a valued member of the UConn community,” the University said in its statement. “This is a difficult time for the University and we write today to remind you of the resources available to you and encourage you to reach out if needed.”  

Condolences to the Kirlan-Stout family can be sent to the Dean of Students Office, according to the statement.  

“This is a difficult time for UConn and for the Kirlan-Stout family,” the end of the statement read. “Our deepest sympathy goes out to Mia’s family and friends during this time of loss.”  


Student Health & Wellness Mental Health Services is available to provide support to the students who may be struggling.  To make an appointment with SHaW-Mental Health call (860) 486-4705 or schedule an appointment online. In addition, information about managing grief is located on the SHaW-Mental Health website.  If you need immediate help, resources can be accessed here.

Staff in the Dean of Students Office are available to meet with you if that would be helpful. To schedule a meeting please call (860) 486-3426. Alternatively, email dos@uconn.edu and request a meeting with an Assistant Dean.  

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