UConn collaborates with R/GA Ventures and CTNext on Future Climate Venture Studio  


The Future Climate Venture Studio collaborates with startups to address the critical components of the climate crisis including decarbonization, alternative energy, planetary resilience, social impact and more, according to the studio’s mission statement. 

The studio brings together UConn: a national and global leader in climate research, R/GA Ventures: a venture studio operator and early stage investor, CTNext: Connecticut’s innovation agency and additional partners to address the climate challenge. 

Stephen Plumlee, Vice Chairman and Managing Partner of R/GA Ventures spoke about the initiative. He said it will provide starters with advisors, network connections and resources to assist them with the climate crisis. 

In addition, companies will have access to UConn’s interdisciplinary faculty, departments and technology that specialize in climate science. 

“The starting point came within UConn, to leverage the incredible expertise among the university and use the expertise to help the companies and address the existential climate issues,” Plumlee said. 

According to Plumlee, R/GA Ventures works with startups and corporate partners by identifying ideas and supporting them with the financial, creative and relationship capital. 

“We work with a number of startups with climate and climate technology and we are searching for startups from all over the world, especially in Connecticut and New England and working to address the climate challenge,” Plumlee said. 

According to the website, the studio has four focus areas to confront the climate issue from every angle: mitigation to help limit and prevent greenhouse gas release, adaptation to adjust and adapt to challenges of the climate issue, energy to support use of clean and renewable energy and social solutions to address and assist society on the impacts of climate change.  

“New president of UConn, Radenka Maric was the key person who was behind this initiative and ensured that this initiative moved forward,” Plumlee said, “UConn has an incredible depth of expertise about the climate space.” 

Additional information and the application process can be found on their website.  

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