Staying safe during Halloween  

Pictured is an orange rock painted the words “stay safe and be kind.” This Halloween, it’s as important as ever to make sure you take the right precautions in order to have the best night ever. Photo credits to Lisa Fotios

As Halloween approaches, it is important to remember how to stay safe on campus. Halloween can be a fun-filled night for all, but only if you remember how to stay safe in a college environment. Here are some tips for how to stay safe this Halloween: 

Use the Buddy System  

Traveling in pairs is essential for college safety. Be sure to stay alert and to stick with a friend, especially at night. Sexual assault is sadly common on many college campuses, and staying with someone you trust can greatly reduce the risk of anything bad happening. Whether you are going to a costume party or the bar, remember to stay in a pair or a group of friends.  

Pace Yourself  

If you choose to drink this Halloween, it’s important to remember how to pace yourself. Before you head out for the night, be sure to eat something. Aim for one drink per hour and remember to stay hydrated throughout the night. Generally, two drinks per night is considered safe, but know your own limits as well.  

Keep an Eye Out  

One of the most important things to remember if you are drinking is to never let your drink out of your sight. “Roofies” are especially common in bars — this is when someone slips a “date rape” drug into your drink without your knowledge. Often, this happens when someone sets down their drink and turns away. It also can happen if you are in a large crowd. I have seen videos online of people dancing, and suddenly someone slips something into another person’s drink. The safest option is to invest in something like a Nightcap or ask for a drink cover at the bar if they are available. This device creates a cover over your drink, keeping it safe from being tampered with.  

Find a Sober Ride 

It is especially important to secure a sober ride for your night out. If you are going to an off-campus party, there will usually be designated sober drivers for you to reserve. Alternatively, you can utilize a rideshare app such as Uber or Lyft. Never get in the car with any driver who has been drinking. Connecticut experiences about 1,611 deaths per year due to drunk driving, and you do not want to become part of this statistic.  

Most importantly, remember to be safe and have fun! Happy Halloween, Huskies!  


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