Taylor Swift loves Easter eggs and so do her fans 


Amidst the glitter and glam of a new Taylor Swift album release lies what “Swifties” call Easter eggs. Easter eggs hint at what Swift may do next and give fans a fun way to decode and process new music videos and albums.  

Leading up to the release of “Midnights,” Swift’s 10th studio album, fans joined Swift for “Midnight’s Madness,” a game where she announced new track names on the nights leading up to the album’s release. Fans were quick to point out that as Swift announced new songs into a 70s-style telephone, she switched the phone position for two of the songs. Due to this, many believed that the two songs, “Vigilante Shit” and “Anti-Hero,” might have been singles for the album.  

One may wonder why the star is hinting at previous works in new projects. This is due to Swift’s rerecording process, undertaken in response to her previous albums’ unconsented sale to Scooter Braun. Swift is a firm believer that artists should have the right to own their work. Therefore, in anticipation of new versions of classic Taylor Swift songs, fans are anxious to know when the updated versions will be released. Swift savvily gets her fans to watch new music videos and listen to new songs multiple times in an attempt to find clues to what’s next. 

Following the release of “Midnights,” Swift released the music video for her lead single, “Anti-Hero.” Swiftly, fans found hidden clues and meanings throughout the video, including a scene where Swift references “Speak Now” by playing a guitar from the album’s 2011 tour.  

As the music video continues, one will notice the many ghosts that fill the room of Swift’s music video home. The first ghost is wearing a cowboy hat, a reference to her debut album. Another ghost wears a vine crown and holds a glass of whisky, possibly referencing the line, “whiskey on ice, sunset and vine” from her song “Gorgeous” on “Reputation.” In further reference to “Reputation”’s theme of snakes, Taylor wears snakeskin boots. In reference to “1989,” Swift appears to be a giant in a room similar to a scene from “Alice in Wonderland,” which inspired her song “Wonderland.”   

Perhaps the most Easter eggs appear in her new music video for “Bejeweled,” where Swift retells the story of Cinderella. Specifically, “Enchanted,” a track from “Speak Now,” can be heard as background music in the beginning of the video. Many further claim that Swift references the line, “I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you” from “Long Live,” as Swift stands in a castle surrounded by dragons.  

Additionally, Swift clicks on the third-floor button on an elevator, potentially referencing “Speak Now,” as it is her third album. She proceeds to the fifth floor, referencing her fifth album “1989,” leaving many to speculate that “1989 will follow the rerecording of “Speak Now.” Finally, Swift wears a cape as she enters the elevator in the music video, referencing the many capes worn during her “Reputation” era and its primary color, black.  

Overall, Swift is not one to do things spontaneously. She has admitted in interviews to planting clues three years in advance for projects. One thing is for sure, Swift’s marketing skills are top-notch, and fans are increasingly dedicated to engaging in her Easter egg hunt! 

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