UConn students unite in the fight for environmental justice 

Illustration by Kaitlyn Tran

On Nov. 4, an ‘Ecountability Rally’ will take place to promote inclusiveness and transparency about environment issues on the University of Connecticut’s campus. Numerous organizations including EcoHusky, Environmental Justice Front, Outing Club, Clean Energy Society, Ecoposium, Sunrise CT, UConn Democrats, UNCHAIN and more have teamed up to run this event. 

The mission of those hosting the event is a “fossil fuel free UConn,” and they are committed to pushing for UConn’s carbon neutrality, according to the Instagram account @fossil_fuel_free_uconn. 

Chase Mack, a seventh semester environmental science and political science major, is one of the organizers for the rally, and he spoke about the event and their hopes for it.  

Mack said the rally will take place on the Student Union Lawn from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. He said there will be tables set up on the lawn to help people learn more about the environment crisis, climate change and sustainability. In addition, Mack said they will have guest speakers focusing on environmental justice concerns. At 1 p.m., he said they will be marching from the Student Union to Gulley Hall.  

“The goal is to obtain a zero carbon plan by 2040, hopefully earlier than that,” Mack stated. 

Mack said students do not have to be an environmental science major to get involved. 

“This is a multifaceted issue, there needs to be a solution in every way,” Mack said. “They need people to illustrate, communicate and research it. This goes across every major—science, engineering, finance, communications, arts—everyone can be involved in this.” 

Mack encouraged people to get involved anyway they can. In particular, he said to attend climate activism events on campus and take advantage of the many resources offered on campus, including the Office of Sustainability. 

“Have an open mind with it. Be willing to learn… We are all environmentalists at the end of day because we are all living in the environment,” Mack said. 

According to Mack, the rally is intended to be a positive event to bring awareness to the issues and to work together as a community. 

Mack said everyone is encouraged to participate and learn about the plans to make UConn a carbon neutral campus in upcoming years.  

“We want every student group to be in this, we want everyone there,” Mack said. 

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