Don’t ignore November

A sign that reads, “It’s sweater weather.” November is the perfect month to wear sweaters as the weather is cooling down. Photo by Boris Pavlikovsky/Pexels

November is arguably one of the more neglected months of the year. It isn’t as hated as January, but it doesn’t get the love that the spring and summer months get. To many, November simply exists. It fades into the background like white noise. Personally, November has always been one of my favorite months, as I think there’s a lot to be appreciated during this month. It’s time November gets the love it deserves as one of the better months of the year with its many redeeming qualities. 

One of the main reasons that November is often overlooked is because of the coming Christmas season. There’s a significant group of people who declare, “It’s Christmas season!” right at midnight on Nov. 1. Not only is this annoying, as many of these people will start blasting the same old Christmas songs you’re going to hear all December, but it also completely ignores what November should be. November represents a break between the excess of Halloween and the mass commercialization and sensory overload of the Christmas season. Just because advertisers start up their Christmas ads on Nov. 1 doesn’t mean you should focus on the holiday season yet. It’s important to take a break from the holiday-focused mindset in order to not be overwhelmed by these seasons. While the barrage of holiday-focused media may be enjoyable at first, you’re probably going to need a break after hearing “All I Want for Christmas is You” for the 20th time in a week.  

Once you’re able to tune out the incessant corporate advertising and Mariah Carey’s voice, there’s a lot to enjoy about November. One of the best parts of the month is that you’ll finally be able to wear your fall clothes and not have to worry about the weather. October’s wild temperatures swing from freezing cold mornings to blazing hot afternoons, which make it impossible to dress appropriately. November tends to be a bit cooler, so it’s the perfect time to bust out flannels, scarves, knit hats and other fun fall clothes to keep you warm and stay in style.  

November is also a great time for sports fans. The NFL, NBA and NHL are all in full swing, so there will always be a game to watch if you’re ever bored. But of course, there’s one major sport that starts in November: college basketball. It’s no surprise that the start of college basketball season is one of the most anticipated moments of the year, especially given how great our teams at the University of Connecticut have been. The start of basketball season brings the UConn student body together like nothing else, and you can feel a certain electricity now while walking around campus. With both men’s and women’s home games hosted nearly every week at Gampel Pavilion on campus and the XL Center in Hartford, there are many opportunities to go see a game and feel even more connected to the UConn community. 

Finally, November contains another much-anticipated moment for students: Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving break is a necessary time of rest and decompression during the fall semester, especially with final exams looming in December. The one-week break is a great time to destress, see family members and do things back home that you’ve missed. Whether it’s hanging out with old friends, watching your favorite movies or getting a hot, fresh egg sandwich from your favorite deli (can you tell I’m from Long Island?), Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to do your favorite activities and take a well-deserved mental break.  

If you’re feeling down right now, remember that November is the month of self-love. Use this month to make time for yourself and do what’s best for you. From taking a break to catching a basketball game at Gampel with friends, November is the perfect month for you to be yourself and enjoy the best parts of fall without the influence of the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

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