Connecticut towns awarded climate leader designation


Connecticut towns are doing well recently in helping the environment during times of heightened threats of climate change, an NBC Connecticut article said. 

The organization Sustainable CT has awarded five Connecticut towns climate leader designation titles, an NBC Connecticut article said. Sustainable CT’s mission is to better community sustainability across the state.  

Fairfield, Glastonbury, New Britain, Stratford and West Hartford were this year’s first group of leaders announced by Sustainable CT, an NBC Connecticut article said. 

Towns can get involved by registering with Sustainable CT. Currently, 129 Connecticut towns  are registered, the Sustainable CT website said.  

An NBC Connecticut article said the senior program director for Sustainable CT explained that when awarding titles within the state, something like safer bike lanes or the expansion of areas for bikers to ride in their communities and other similar ways to promote environmentally friendly practices are looked at. 

Jessica LeClair, the senior program director, highlighted a specific example Sustainable CT looked at in the town of Glastonbury, in a NBC Connecticut article

“The town of Glastonbury is offsetting their municipal building energy use by 30% with renewables and the town of West Hartford has offset their municipal building energy use by 50%,” LeClair said. “So these towns are doing amazing work, we can see it, they’re taking action now. They’re proving that it’s possible at the local level. And they’re not only reaping the benefits of preventing dangerous climate change, but there are other benefits that are coming as well.” 

The Sustainable CT website includes a list of things Connecticut towns can do to enhance their environmentally friendly practices and ways to earn more points to achieve various levels of certification through their program, an NBC Connecticut article said. 

“We’re really excited to see what these towns do in 2023 and onward,” LeClair said in an NBC Connecticut article

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