K-pop Fusion Club raises funds and awareness for Stop Asian Hate 


This week has been extremely busy for the K-pop Fusion Club based at the University of Connecticut Waterbury campus, who on Tuesday, Nov. 15, put on an all-day fundraiser to raise money for the Stop Asian Hate campaign

Set up at a table in the center of the lobby, the club spent the previous days preparing purchasable gift bags filled with a variety of candies and treats. The proceeds from the bags will go directly to the Stop Asian Hate Community Fund, a fundraising mission with the aim of defending Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who experience violence and discrimination in the United States.  

“After taking a course on American studies, I learned that the hate for Asian Americans has been going on for hundreds of years,” club president Dorothy Castellar said. 

As a result, several months of planning and work went into preparing the event. 

“It was planned for last semester, but now that the club was growing, it finally worked out this semester,” Castellar added. 

As the first event put on by the organization, it was certainly a big step for the club. In the end it proved to be a success, raising a total of over $400 for the charity. 

“People are still donating!” Castellar remarked. 

Those interested can still participate in the fundraising campaign, which has now reached over $7,000,000 in donations.  

For Castellar, the fundraiser was for an extremely important cause. 

“I want to raise awareness for cases such as that of Vincent Chin,” she said. “People are always hating on others for things they don’t even control.” 

The event helped spread that awareness, by raising funds and giving access to information on an often overlooked issue.  

When asked about difficulties setting up the event, Castellar stated that out of everything, the main challenge was actually sorting out which candies to put in the gift bags – ultimately settling on the inclusion of Kit Kats from Japan along with a variety of other confections. Fortunately, Castellar said she encountered nothing but support from the university. 

“The process was smooth,” she added. “The event request was processed within a month.” 

The fundraising event is just one instance of the diverse range of student activities taking place on the Waterbury campus, and the club is growing in members with plans to host more events soon.  

The K-pop Fusion Club has weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room (113/116) on the Waterbury campus. Members typically discuss K-pop, learn dances and generally share their interests in the genre. They are more than happy to accept new members. 

Castellar also made sure to note her appreciation for those who donated. 

“Thank you to everyone for contributing,” she said. “Because of you, we may be able to do more things like this in the future.” 

If possible, consider donating to the Stop Asian Hate foundation today. 

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