CT has been ranked as the ninth best state to get a job


The state of Connecticut was ranked ninth place in a WalletHub report on this year’s best states for jobs earlier this week.  

Out of the 50 states, Connecticut also ranked second, falling behind California, for highest employment growth, a WalletHub article said.  

To determine their results, WalletHub compared each state among 35 indicators including opportunity, job market strength and the economy, a WTNH article said.  

A WTNH article also said the WalletHub report looked at data from employment growth in each state, median commute time and average annual income to determine its results.  

The national unemployment rate was calculated at 3.7% this past October, a WalletHub article said. This number is similar to pre-pandemic percentages.  

Because of that, many companies are looking to hire workers, a WTNH article said. Specifically in the top ten states listed in the WalletHub report.  

A WTNH article said Connecticut also ranked as the 13th best state for median monthly salary and 18th best for average annual income, contingent on being adjusted for living expenses.  

Connecticut also ranked in sixth place for its median work week length, a WTNH article said.  

WalletHub stated in an article that they hope their research and findings will make the job search process that much easier for anyone looking to be hired. 

“One thing that can make finding a job hard is not knowing where to begin looking for work, which is why narrowing your search area can be important,” a WalletHub article said. “Since that part requires a bit of research, WalletHub did the homework to help you focus on the most important task: finding your dream position in a place you’ll love.” 

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