Board of Trustees’ December Meeting: Tuition increases, widespread student fee increases, restoration projects and new majors approved 

An assortment of bills. Yesterday, the Board of Trustees approved tuition increases and widespread student fee increases. Photo by Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Yesterday, the University of Connecticut held its last Board of Trustees’ meeting of the year. At the meeting, the board approved tuition increases, widespread student fee increases, restoration projects and new majors. 

To start the meeting, the board heard from the public. Many expressed disapproval towards the Board of Trustees’ decision to increase UConn’s cost of attendance. Many cited the high cost of living in Connecticut, the lack of wage increases for student workers and continual cost increases as reasons for opposing the decision. A lack of transparency about the cost increases was also viewed as problematic for many. 

Putting UConn on a track for carbon neutrality by 2030 was also a big topic from the public. Others talked about their continual opposition to UConn’s vaccine requirements. 

A set of widespread increases to the cost of attendance was approved at the meeting for both undergraduate and graduate students. In December 2019, the university approved a five-year tuition increase of 23.3%. As a result, tuition will increase by another $660 in the next academic year. 

Other university-wide student fees will also increase. The total cost for a Storrs undergraduate student will increase from $33,056 to $34,362 for in-state students and from $55,724 to $57,030 for out-of-state students (not including New England regional students) in the next academic year. These figures include tuition as well as room and boarding costs. 

The planned Visa Compliance fee increase of $300 was postponed to a later date, and a re-review of all fee increases will take place at a future meeting next year. The board also agreed to decrease the transit fee if reimbursed by the Connecticut General Assembly. 

The meeting approved many restoration projects across UConn’s campuses. Some restorations included improvements to the Avery Point seawall, a resurfacing of the Greer Field House indoor track, a replacement of the Gampel Pavilion court and the continual improvements of North and South Parking Garages along with South Campus. 

New majors and certificates were also approved. The board approved a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Data Analysis, a Bachelor of Science in Statistical Data Science, a Graduate Certificate in Emerging Women’s Leadership and Graduate Certificate in Genomic Data Analysis.

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