Roundtable: Our 2023 resolutions 

People often make resolutions for the new year. However, actually following through with these goals may be a challenge. Some Daily Campus members discuss what their new year’s resolutions are. Photo by Kostas Dimopoulos from Pexels

Why do we celebrate New Year’s? The chance to see Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen get drunk on television (which unfortunately did not happen this year)? Or perhaps the morbid relief of having lived through yet another trip around the Sun? 

More than anything, New Year’s marks a new start for everyone — a fresh beginning, a clean slate, an extra chapter ready to unravel — which is why many rely on resolutions to start the year off right. However, sticking to these goals ends up being the biggest challenge. 

Here’s how some Daily Campus members plan to pursue 2023. Whether or not they miss the mark 11 months from now, it’s still the thought that counts. 

Shanice Rhule, CC 

This is the first time in years I’ve thought about actually committing to my resolutions. Probably because I’m turning that number that comes after 21 (I’m not saying it) and I feel like I figuratively got taller over these past few months. They’re normal ones; being more active, saving money, being nicer, etc. Well, they’re actually: to run the Hartford Half Marathon, save some godforsaken money and read at least 12 books. Still pretty common. But the common ones are the hardest for some reason. Are we all really trying to achieve the same thing? 

Harrison Raskin, EIC 

My goal for 2023: No more new year’s resolutions. This year if I want to do something, I’m doing it. If I want to be somebody I’m starting to be that person immediately. Nothing is waiting for 2024 and I let nothing wait from 2022 until our recent Jan. 1. Are there ways I want to improve during 2023? Yes, I already started on them last year. I’m changing my new year’s resolutions to new day resolutions. Today’s resolution: I really need to do some laundry, I only have two shirts left (It was yesterday’s resolution too but that’s OK). 

Grace McFadden, DE 

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays. I’m very susceptible to those “Changing my life in 7 days!” types of YouTube videos. This is all to say, I’m the type of person who has a laundry list of resolutions each year, and I don’t stick to all of them. This year, though, there’s one resolution I’ve been consistent with so far. Upon moving into my first apartment at the beginning of this year, I came to the alarming realization that I don’t really know how to cook. So, each week this year, I’ll be trying out a new recipe. So far most of my recipes have come from Pinterest, but who knows, maybe I’ll find some inspiration in some old copies of The Daily Campus as well.  

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