2023 Grammys Fashion: Artistic inspiration or insult?

The stars chose to step out in color on the red carpet at this years Grammys. Illustration by Zaire Diaz/The Daily Campus.

In case you missed it, the drama-filled and outrage-inducing 2023 Grammys happened this past Sunday, but I will leave the coverage of such theatrics for another article. Today we will be discussing another hot topic: Grammys fashion. Let’s go through the rainbow together. 


Nothing is more satisfying than a piece of art holding both elements of class as well as risk. Adele’s velvet red gown encapsulated that mood. The dramatic shoulder detail created a dynamic look, while still retaining the integrity of Adele’s classiness. This gown made Adele look — and I’m sure also feel — sexy, while still being age-appropriate. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with “no-necklace” looks; however, with this look, the lack thereof actually enhanced the outfit more than the presence of one would have.  

While Adele’s look put me at ease, I, unfortunately, have to admit that the group look with Kim Petras, Sam Smith, Violet Chacki and Gottmik made me feel otherwise. I cannot tell if I find this group look to be a representation of art, or of a cult with Sam Smith as its leader. The four unnamed individuals standing behind the group in a picture captured by Vogue Magazine even look like newly recruited members. While each of their outfits looks stunning separately, it is when they come together that I feel nervous.  


Lizzo’s Dolce and Gabbana look presented itself as a masterpiece one second, and as a questionable design decision the next. Whenever she wore the floral cape as a shawl and her stunning gown was revealed, she looked like an orange goddess — a work of art if you will. When she put the hood of the cape over top of her head, the look immediately downscaled. While I normally like Lizzo’s extravagant styles, I feel that she was being swallowed up by the cape. It’s not my favorite of hers, but I can appreciate the risk factor.  

On the contrary, Tessa Brooks’ orange gown was pretty, but had no risk factor to it, making it drab next to Lizzo’s. There was an attempt to create a risk factor by making the bottom half of her gown sheer and giving her a strange sleeve situation. It’s safe to say that this look is not in my top-10 favorites.  


Yellow is a tricky color in the fashion world. It can be very easy to make a look go from serving sun goddess to highlighter. Tems’ Vivienne Westwood gown encapsulated sun goddess flair. The golden-yellow color of the gown complimented her skin tone beautifully. The incorporation of pearls — a signature piece in Vivienne Westwood’s jewelry — was a clever touch. Using stringed-together pearls on one of the sleeves tied in nicely with her pearl necklace and pearl hair accessories. This look was a display of grace and elegance.  

While the color of Kelsea Ballerini’s gown managed to escape looking like a highlighter, the design of the gown gave impressions more suitable for a beauty pageant or over-the-top prom. The sequin detail that ran along the bodice of her dress made it look immature and cheap. While the dress was still lovely, I did not necessarily find it Grammys-appropriate.  


The concept of Sierra Ferrell’s look could have been magical, but the execution was far from it. The disconnect between the rim of her dress — where it is the most full — from her jumper suit made the outfit as a whole look awkward. Additionally, the orange belt around her waist didn’t match any of the flowers in her flower crown. To add, the bedazzled pantyhose she had layered underneath was a random detail that the look could’ve gone without. There was definitely a lack of fluidity as a whole.  

Such a statement, however, does not apply to Nile Rogers’ lime green Chanel look. The details of the Chanel logo did not overpower the look, making the suit remain a tasteful outfit. While I do not know much about Nile Rogers, from what I can tell in this picture captured by People Magazine, he seems like a happy individual who has been dressed in a look that exudes happy energy.  


As you may have seen on TikTok, many are still raving about Taylor Swift’s midnight blue two-piece gown. The blue accents in her earrings and makeup tied very nicely to the gown and did not distract from it either. The gown presented a sign of Taylor’s maturity since her last vibrant two-piece gown from the 2016 Grammys. While both looks were stunning, 2016 captured more of Taylor’s carefree, young energy, whereas this year’s look captured her elegance. 

While I am truly a Swiftie at heart, I will say that Taylor’s look did not have the “wow factor” that Cardi B’s sapphire blue gown had. The rapper’s Grammy looks never miss; however, this is my all-time favorite of hers. The structured hood that sprouted from her dress looked like paint strokes surrounding her face, making her look like walking art. In past Grammys, Cardi B has often been dressed in paler colors, so seeing her in a vibrant tone that complimented her so well was very refreshing.  


Purple was a poorly represented color at this year’s Grammys. Pamela Dawson’s floral-embellished gown did not do her justice. The way the floral design ran throughout almost the entire gown made it look outdated. On top of that, the way her hairstylist did her hair looked thrown-together and messy. Pamela Dawson has this air of grace to her, and this look completely stripped her of that.  

PJ Morton was sadly another victim of the poor execution of purple. While I appreciate it when male fashion goes beyond a black suit, I cannot say I was a fan of his satin outfit.  It wasn’t an ugly suit, but there was nothing breathtaking about it. Additionally, his stylists did a poor job of accessorizing him. The pale pink tie practically disappeared against the white button-down Morton wore underneath. I think they should have done a patterned tie in order to enhance his look. His lightly tinted sunglasses were a nice touch that might have actually saved this style.  

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