Volunteers needed for Husky Ambassador Program  

With student admissions reaching pre-covid numbers, more students are in need of visits. Husky for a Day is an excellent way for new students to really see what a day as a student looks like. Illustration by Kaitlyn Tran/Daily Campus

As undergraduate student admission letters get released, University of Connecticut student volunteers are being called to encourage enrollment for the next class of Huskies. 

Husky Ambassadors are student volunteers who assist the Office of Admissions by hosting prospective and admitted students during Husky-for-a-Day visits and help facilitate open houses and large campus tours.  

According to Rochelle Cenac, Hiring and Recruitment leader for the Office of Admissions and the Lodewick Visitor Center, Husky-for-a Day allows prospective students to shadow a current UConn student by visiting their classes and seeing a day in the life of a college student.  

“Ambassadors involved in Husky-for-a-Day can choose which events they would like to participate in, and scheduling is incredibly flexible.” said Cenac, in an email to the Daily Campus. 

Maeve Collins, Husky Ambassador Coordinator, explained how she believes the ambassador program is a great way to get involved and encourage prospective students to attend UConn. 

“The Ambassador Program is an amazing way to help build future generations of UConn Huskies,” Collins said. “Programs like Husky-for-a-Day can make a massive difference in the lives of students who are struggling with the college admissions process or making their admission decision.” 

According to Collins, if students are interested in becoming an ambassador, they can fill out the interest form and attend one of the training sessions. She said a training session is required in order to become a volunteer, and the last week of training sessions are this week. Collins said only one session has to be completed, so students can attend whichever date best fits their  schedule. No RSVP is required. 

Collins said the spring 2023 Husky Ambassador training sessions are Wednesday, 3/1 at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, 3/2 at 6:00 p.m. and Friday, 3/3 at 4:30 p.m. The training will be held in the presentation room of the Lodewick Visitor Center, located on 115 North Eagleville Rd. 

“Our goal is to build a group of volunteers who represent the diverse experiences, passions, and identities that make up UConn’s student population,” Collins said. “We want to demonstrate to future Huskies that no matter who they are or what they want to do in college, they can find academic opportunities, personal fulfillment, and a supportive community at UConn.”  

Collins said in addition to husky for a day, there are opportunities for ambassadors to serve as greeters for campus tours and open houses. 

Cenac said ambassadors can volunteer for a single event or multiple events and that she believes it is a great opportunity to learn new skills. 

“This program is also a great stepping stone for students interested in a paid position within the Office of Admissions or the Lodewick Visitors Center in the future,” Cenac said. 

Interested students can email hap@uconn.edu with any questions and follow the HAP instagram @uconnhap to learn more.  

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