The hellos and goodbyes of streaming services this March

A busy month for college students and television lovers alike, March definitely brings some gems to our screens while we say goodbye to some of our favorites. Illustration by Sarah Chantres/The Daily Campus

As expected of the shortest month, February flew by, ending with an absolutely in-character snow storm that gave us a day to (hopefully) catch up on sleep, shows and maybe even homework. If you’ve already exhausted the content that speckled streaming services last month, fear not, because this month has just as many options! 

For all the Star Wars fans, this month starts off on a great note with a new season of  “The Mandalorian” releasing March 1 on Disney+, more than two years after the second season finale. If you are looking for content that is more documentary-style or simply have not found interest in the Star Wars franchise, “Finding Michael” is releasing March 3 on the same platform. Following the true story of a young man in search of his brother — or at the very least his body — this documentary captures the challenges that a 10-man search crew faces as they race against both time and the weather in Mt. Everest’s “death zone.” 

Looking for something more imaginative? “Shadow and Bone” will be coming out with its second season on March 16, streaming on Netflix. Whether you’ve read the trilogy or not, tune in to the world of Grishaverse for a bit of magic, laughter and action. Speaking of Netflix, it will be releasing part two of season four of “You” following the release of the first half just last month.  

Netflix also has its fair share of movies premiering this month. One of its most anticipated releases, “Luther: The Fallen Sun,” starring Idris Elba, will be premiering March 10. The much-loved detective from the long-running TV series “Luther” will be back again on screen, but this time behind bars while a serial killer only he can take on is on the loose. Netflix continues with this attention-capturing mystery genre with the release of “Murder Mystery 2,” starring familiar faces Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Following “Murder Mystery” (2019), this hilarious duo have set up their own detective agency, but are hit with challenges as they struggle to find cases to solve — until one falls right into their lap. Hit play on this assuredly comedic film on March 31. 

Hulu, though its own releases are limited, will be the platform to launch if you are looking for a taste of nostalgia. From “Rio” to “Ice Age: Continental Drift” — both available to stream beginning March 1 — animated films may be what you want to watch for comfort as you take on the final stretch before spring break. 

The popular series “Succession” will also come back onto screens with its fourth and final season nearing the end of the month, March 26, on HBO Max.  

Speaking of endings, there is also quite a bit of content leaving streaming platforms this month. “The Conjuring” will be leaving Netflix March 1. Shortly after, “Suicide Squad” will be leaving HBO Max on March 22, followed by “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters II” leaving March 31. For fans of “Big Time Rush,” take some time to rewatch it before it leaves Netflix on March 25! 

A busy month for college students and television lovers alike, March definitely brings some gems to our screens while we say goodbye to some of our favorites. Still, spring break seems to have come just in time for all the catching up and rewatching to be done! 

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