The ‘Outer Banks’ returns!

Hit show “Outer Banks” set in coastal North Carolina is coming back with a new season, in a thrilling, never-ending, dramatic adventure. Illustration by Zaire Diaz/The Daily Campus

Since the first season debuted in April of 2020, “Outer Banks” has remained an incredibly successful and popular show among teenagers and young adults. The Gen Z audience found the charismatic, rebellious and fun friend group from coastal North Carolina very relatable and entertaining. Social and economic class conflicts, treasure hunts, mysterious conspiracies and dramatic teenage friendships and relationships are what made the show so loved by the public. 

The show is known to combine almost all possible genres of film — although officially presented as a teen-drama, it has amazing elements of mystery, adventure, thriller and even comedy. “Outer Banks” scenes range from heartbreaking losses to exciting action sequences, not to mention sentimental moments demonstrating true friendship and love. 

Watching the new season during a snowstorm in the middle of winter definitely does not deliver the adventurous, almost tropical atmosphere of the show. “Outer Banks” is associated with a hot Southeastern summer, ocean breeze, surfing and tanning: none of which, unfortunately, align with our daily life right now. However, the repeated dangerous, yet exciting experiences of the Pogues never disappoint and the adventurous, wild spirit of the show remains. 

As time goes on, the feud between the Pogues and Kooks only intensifies. Kooks become Pogues, Pogues become Kooks — the constant rivalry between the two polar opposite groups never stops. This season touches on class conflict no less than previous ones, but this time, characters’ personal relationships are dramatically affected. External and internal conflicts of some characters intensify, resulting in continuous drama between each other. The new season definitely shines a brighter light on each character’s inner worlds —  their true feelings, emotions, confusion and trauma. 

The “Outer Banks” creative team seems to have a never-ending imagination; the plot twists, unexpected obstacles and the surprising ways the Pogues are able to overcome them keep the audience hooked. However, it sometimes seems like there’s too much going on — it’s hard to keep up with every little detail of the treasure hunt along with endless enemies and difficulties faced by the characters. Objectively speaking, the plot twists only become more unbelievable and unrealistic with time, almost entering into the realm of fantasy. 

“Outer Banks” is definitely a great show to distract the viewers from their daily routines; from the very first seconds of each episode, it feels like you’re a part of the thrilling, never-ending, dramatic adventure. The feeling of suspense those familiar with previous seasons are so used to never leaves you. No one knows what will happen next, and what’s even more entertaining is that no one knows how the characters will deal with it. 

Many would say “Outer Banks” progressively gets more ridiculous and nonsensical, which isn’t completely false. But if you’ve already seen and enjoyed the two previous seasons, grown attached to the characters and fallen in love with the reckless, wild and free Pogue lifestyle, the new season is definitely worth watching. 

Rating: 4/5 

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